Example sentences of "[pers pn] know about " in BNC.

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1 The only person that I know about at the playhouse is Gordon .
2 Not that I know about .
3 It 's saying Sussex is n't a word that I know about .
4 j it just happens to be one that I know about .
5 I mean there are certain things like , the general conditioners to benefit , which erm , are alright , but there are other things that I know about and that I will pass on to people to look out for that I would n't want eh , that you would n't want eh , erm , outsiders to know .
6 ‘ None that I knew about , ’ Miss Honey said .
7 So they will continue to arise , but I think that it is right to plan to accommodate the ones that you know about .
8 And he told them that was in the flat that you know about and that there was suspicion that other occupants of the flat were in danger .
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