Example sentences of "[noun pl] around the " in BNC.

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1 Four speakers around the dance floor and er two big bass things .
2 You get a build up of black heads around the nose , and around the chin .
3 The Natural Break brochure , sponsored by British Gas , reveals a wealth of conservation opportunities around the country .
4 Thanks to the Sports Council there are opportunities around the country for almost every kind of sport , with 50-plus beginners especially welcome .
5 The brands involved in sponsoring grand prix ( Marlboro , Camel , Gitanes , Lucky Strike , and Rothmans ) each have minute brand shares in Australia , but , unlike France , which has recently lost its place on the grand prix circuit because of its refusal to allow tobacco advertising , Australia will continue to ‘ export ’ these images around the world in race telecasts . )
6 The idea was that I was going to have these images around the base , and then I never did the Crucifixion .
7 The Asiatic spiny turtle ( left ) boasts a rim of sharp spikes around the edge of its shell , and the pancake tortoise ( bottom ) has an unusually flattened shell and body enabling it to slither to safety under low crevices .
8 These were released over five months around the 3 km shoreline of Lake Apastapeque in El Salvador .
9 So we find him circling for months around the insoluble problem of Kee , exulting and then despairing , then exulting again .
10 Gallant Warriors ( published by the Author , 32pp , sbk , $ 10.95 ) by Dennis D Bergstrom is a survey of propeller driven warbird fighter and bomber survivors around the world .
11 Graduates were usually destined for mageship at least , but Rincewind — after an unfortunate event — had left knowing only one spell and made a living of sorts around the town by capitalising on an innate gift for languages .
12 Like Domanov 's Cossacks , this heterogeneous group , made up from the various peoples around the Caucasus , including Georgians , Armenians and Azerbaidjani Moslems , had originally joined the German retreat westwards in 1942–3 .
13 The new body undertook to defend " the right of self-determination of oppressed peoples around the world " .
14 He also announced that as of July 24 the armed forces had begun an operation intended to last several days in which searches would be made for explosives and propaganda material in various districts around the capital .
15 Having iced the cake with a plain layer of royal icing and then left it to dry , I have made copies of small pressed flower pictures both on the top , as a centrepiece , and with small sprays around the sides of the cake .
16 Thanks largely to our supporters around the world , we in UNICEF have put everything we can into our worldwide immunisation programme over the past few years .
17 • We will be providing information for CND supporters around the country to show how a ‘ Peace Dividend ’ could benefit their local areas .
18 Chairman Howard Wilkinson said : ‘ There is a strong feeling among managers and players that rules applying to them are not being applied to other people , namely supporters around the dug-outs .
19 Ortega 's defeat crushed a lot of left-wing supporters around the world , but it did not set back Gould , who immediately plunged himself into a new project .
20 How much more bad publicity do the Government have to get on the failure of their housing programme from the Duke of Edinburgh , Conservative councillors and their supporters around the country before they do what we are all asking them to do and undertake a planned release of the capital receipts ?
21 It is the pressures of the people of South Africa and our supporters around the world who will compel the regime to negotiate real and fundamental change .
22 ANTI-apartheid supporters around the world were told to prepare for the lifting of international sanctions against South Africa during an African National Congress conference yesterday .
23 They organised 12-car rallies around the Cambridge Fens , asking every local resident for permission to hold the event and then , when the snow caused the event to be called off , they did the same thing again .
24 Although the general distribution of earthquakes around the world had been known for many years , it was only with the establishment of a comprehensive network of seismographic stations to monitor underground nuclear weapons testing in the early 1960s that a detailed global picture emerged ( Fig. 2.10 ) .
25 But with over one million people currently on waiting lists around the country , + you may find that the NHS just ca n't treat you as soon as you 'd like .
26 Burning at earlier stages continues in shells around the core , like the layers of an onion .
27 He regularly dissects the bones , muscles , tendons and ligaments around the ankle and knees of quadrupeds in order to gain an understanding of the whole animal 's performance .
28 On the outskirts of Nailsworth is Egypt Mill , which first appears in the record books around the middle of the 17th century , when it belonged to a London haberdasher , George Hudson .
29 There were no juke-boxes or Coke machines , but there were many shelves of books around the room and a selection of magazines and newspapers ; there were also at least a dozen chess-boards .
30 I ca n't remember them reading any books or even having any books around the house to read .
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