Example sentences of "[prep] the trouble " in BNC.

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1 As the Soviet army in Germany has to cross Poland to get home ( unless it goes by sea ) , the Poles have asked for compensation for the trouble this causes .
2 He had felt like beating her up , so it seemed a mild enough rebuke for the trouble she 'd caused him .
3 Alex and I enjoy it occasionally and I enjoy making it , which I suppose is sufficient justification for the trouble . ’
4 Thank you Sylvia for the trouble you have taken .
5 ‘ Since I was old enough to carry a money-bag , I 've trudged round the streets , knocking on every door of every property you own … aye , and sometimes I 've had a fist in my face for the trouble , but never once have I let you down .
6 Christina warmed to her and was glad for the trouble she 'd taken on the Morris 's account .
7 Their occupational duty , as they saw it , was equally clear-sufficient numbers and mobile reserves for the trouble spots .
8 Quietly as a mouse , Lalage picked her up and , candlestick in hand , went carefully through the darkened house to the hall door where she waited , the candle flame blowing flat and sideways , until Nettie came back , grateful and apologetic for the trouble she had given .
9 He meant to hurt her , to have his revenge for the trouble she and her family had caused .
10 For the trouble with the great and the good is that we expect them to be on duty the whole time .
11 Jason tells me you 've often made careless mistakes in your work , and that you 've always resented him correcting you , ’ Mike enquired , and Kate knew from the way he spoke that he too blamed her for the trouble .
12 But Mary was out so I gave him the letter and began to tell him about the trouble at home .
13 I 'd gone across to the old folks ' home to have a chat with Maureen and , inevitably , I was telling her about the trouble I was having .
14 William suggested , because she 'd just bought Mary Ann Evans 's and was always talking about the trouble she was having finding good staff .
15 " Did you hear about the trouble the big Michelin plantation as Phu Rieng has been having with " red peril " agitators ? "
16 It appeared that Lord Coleworthy had heard all about the trouble from Fairfax and was trying to be a peacemaker .
17 He had no illusions about the trouble she was in .
18 Er the trouble about the trouble with the fifties and er actually it was a very good programme er for reminiscing about the fifties .
19 Because of concern about the trouble , the British authorities have gone to great length to prevent hooligans getting to Italy .
20 It was , of course , what he tried to do with everyone that he thought worth the trouble .
21 Items of value , real or sentimental , are worth the trouble of proper storage .
22 They hope it will prove so complex and costly to implement that the company may finally decide that mining in Mayo simply is n't worth the trouble .
23 Is is worth the trouble of allowing members to propose resolutions ?
24 In such cases it would be worth the trouble of introducing worms from elsewhere .
25 The sad thing is such behaviour will only end up getting the poor stalker or ghillie the sack so it 's not worth the trouble .
26 What was there in the sea , that vast untapped resource that covered nine-tenths of the world 's surface , that could be worth the trouble ?
27 You 'll get nothing out of him , the man 's practically penniless , and he is n't worth the trouble . ’
28 It 's well worth the trouble , though , firstly because it 's obviously ideal for bringing out the bass in small guitars , secondly because it looks just fabulous , and thirdly because it makes the inside of the guitar smell like an explosion in a spice market .
29 It 's an expensive wood and not that easy to work , but the beautiful flaming and the rich pale brown colour makes it worth the trouble .
30 To give this impression would ensure shipwreck on a reef which we shall in any case be lucky to avoid , the indifference of the reader who takes it for granted that we are trying to deduce imperatives from the facts of which one ought to be aware , and assumes in advance that there has to be a flaw somewhere , hardly worth the trouble of locating , as in a new proposal for a perpetual-motion machine .
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