Example sentences of "[modal v] [adv] sort " in BNC.

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1 And we should just sort of say what is necessary to find out and everybody gets a few telephone numbers or telephone calls check out addresses find out about new ones , get in contact with the district council erm what is in the pipeline .
2 What it is le let's just sort of get things , as I say in a new build situation if you were having a new house built
3 You may just sort of er form a picture in your mind just sit there and lip read sort of concentrate .
4 Erm , what I 'll also do , we 'll only sort of talk for about twenty five minutes , about the essay , and then we 'll look at sh writing short answers er , for the exam ,
5 I 've already put in our comments in writing on this to Chris and I 'll just sort of draw some of them save me repeating them .
6 Erm I 'll just sort of er talk briefly about sort of main trends and , and sort of output and orders and so on and then go through in terms of some of the implications that results as regards to employment and domestic crisis .
7 And they 've got ta try and walk backwards I 'll just sort of go whoop !
8 Right , this is an extremely good slide , I did take this myself , erm of the actual dress of the eighteen forties , I 'll just sort of point out its components .
9 Could we just go on to twenty one and we might just sort of stop this part of the lesson there .
10 If I just knew where he was prepared to stand and then could just sort of do the things round about .
11 I mean if you were being really dangerous and you wanted to die soon you could just sort of get a piece of bare wire and
12 You could just sort of tuck it in here under her waistband .
13 You know I would , I 'd just sort of
14 Do you have any recollections of any particular disputes and maybe an answer that you could possibly sort of , make a few comments on whether you felt the the procedures were worked out so finely that they in fact prevented disputes because they were so long and drawn out perhaps or er it took the fire out of disputes if you like ?
15 I often think I wish you know we could capture some of those again I think it would jolly well I , I , I wish government could , could really sort of kn know what it was like .
16 and I felt quite happy especially with a bow tie on , you know , it had been , it had gone you know and in a way we sort of could almost sort of
17 th you er I mean if it were very heavy you 'd almost sort of be prepared for it to go , but you know when you 're s s standing with a , something quite light , and you might have been standing with it a little while in your hand , and then suddenly the hand goes and ca n't you see that 's ve that 's very upsetting , it makes you not very confident .
18 and the other one was erm a mother of two and she said that even when she was younger she was always overweight and she could never sort of go out with anybody nice and she just settled for anybody sort of thing , I felt sorry for her husband , mind you saying this like , cos he looked a bit thick and er
19 you could actually sort of talk about , right a full time centre is ten half day sessions , two full time centre equals twenty half day sessions
20 Erm for instance , you go to one meeting and erm you would just sort of , mind you I think probably you may not agree , young people perhaps think this is the best way .
21 So sometimes the sisters would , would really sort of get it in for a nurse and she 'd and they could make your life very unpleasant indeed .
22 he 's retired , but he 's , he 's been quite busy with this Festival , but I , I said to him , now what I 'll do is maybe come and you and him and Jane maybe kind of will just sort of have a quick confab sometime just talk about what he wants , and he will be kind of happy to do that with obviously we 'd have to find a drop of money to pay for the tapes , I mean that would n't be huge and expensive .
23 Right you then get your baby , you 'll see the midwives doing this , you stabilize the baby pelvis , because otherwise it will just sort of go all over the place wo n't it , and this doll is , is fairly fixed , it 's not a very soft thing like a baby and you , with your hand you put your finger which is about the same length as the baby 's finger is n't it ?
24 So the engine will just sort of push the table down .
25 Erm , it 's quite clear from the district auditor 's letter that he thinks that we 're not being systematic enough , about what we do about environmental improvements , and it seems fairly clear to me to , that if we just push the to the service committees , erm , nothing will ever happen , except possibly on planning , and that erm , it will just sort of quietly disappear because it 's not the top priority of any of the other service committees .
26 Yes , so that I can just sort of say , you know , we did invite and , that might help
27 Yeah okay so we can just sort of scrub that out or something .
28 So you can just sort of take them out and put them on your desk , all the bone erm all the pottery .
29 Erm if we can just sort of work out in our own minds what , I , I do n't want addresses or anything like that , so do n't say oh I 'll break into number six , or anything like that but just anywhere in the area of Farnsfield imagine houses yourself , is to what sort of type of house we break into .
30 Yes , erm Arthur as I have mentioned earlier was erm the fourth in command as it were and erm if I can just sort of go down the erm the pecking order , mm , Leslie was the Chief Education Officer .
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