Example sentences of "[modal v] [adv] resort " in BNC.

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1 We must again resort to a series of small steps , this time arranged sequentially in time .
2 The counsellor should never resort to the giving of advice .
3 We must therefore resort to more indirect methods , such as the variation with time of copper-alloy composition or technology of production .
4 A broad-beamed fellow like myself should have no difficulty careering it across the ironing board , although a woman or even a bachelor-wimp might sooner resort to an old-fashioned metal iron than attempt to put this monster through its paces .
5 Of course , once our schemas are shaken , we may well resort , at least in part , to rational analysis to reformulate them .
6 Of course play may well be slowed down if the new rules are imposed and there has to be a ballot before every strike , but while that is being negotiated Mr Christie may well resort to the block vote at the back to defend his resolutions .
7 Even where there is some attempt to account for female/male differences in deviant behaviour , the explanation may simply resort to the simplistic notion that sex roles are generally differentiated .
8 For example , the experience of members of the Women 's Cooperative Guild , who in both their own estimation and that of observers were adjudged respectable married women , shows that family misfortune , particularly in the form of sickness and unemployment , could quickly plunge a family into poverty , whereupon the wife would probably resort to strategies similar to those of her poorer sister .
9 In order to secure the payment of tribute , servicemen would often resort to taking hostages ( amanaty ) .
10 He said baiters broke the animal 's back and his jaw and would even resort to poking out his eyes if they were training a dog to fight .
11 The first of these periods ( from the late nineteenth to early twentieth century ) usually involved confrontations between stone-throwing strikers and armed troops , who would sometimes resort to gunfire to restore order .
12 It may then resort to thieving , or whining every time you eat , because it is disturbed with the uncertainty of its own feeding arrangements .
13 But since the two parties are untrammelled by tradition or ideology , Nigerians will probably resort to voting for ethnicity anyway .
14 Feelings of worthlessness , hopelessness , grief , lack of purpose and depression may still have to be dealt with , or the individual may again resort to an alcoholic solution .
15 In most instances the cat will tend to be the dominant animal and may occasionally resort to scratching the dog if it proves a nuisance .
16 The Tories are , as in 1966 , once more devoid of ideas and can only resort to attacking and insulting the other parties .
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