Example sentences of "[be] talking [prep] " in BNC.

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1 And she says , ‘ Come off it , my man , who d' you think you 're talking to , a mere jumped up commoner princess . ’
2 The one you 're talking to is all tolerance and forbearance .
3 ‘ Brian , ’ Mr Sherwood calls , ‘ they 're talking to you . ’
4 These guys are nudging each other , they go up to her , the music changes , and they 're talking to her , and she says no or whatever , and then the last guy walks up to her , the woman turns round , and she 's been replaced by someone wearing the same dress but she 's really fat .
5 ‘ You 're talking to a bankrupt — almost ! ’ he told me yesterday lunchtime .
6 You 're talking to it at this very moment , you 're talking it out , you 're talking it down , and you want my help .
7 The great thing about him is , when you walk into a room — and it does n't matter if you 're talking to senators or salesmen — he 'll say , ‘ Do you know Tip Anderson ? ’
8 ‘ Do you know who you 're talking to ? ’
9 Yes , I 'm the brick wall you 're talking to .
10 Yes , you 're talking to him .
11 Lots of people turn off as soon as the person they 're talking to reveals an interest in or opinion on something they dislike or disagree with .
12 ‘ They 're talking to you , are they ? ’
13 We 're talking to it ! ’
14 ‘ You 're talking to the Ship again ? ’
15 Even though we say things , it[s just mouthing off like when you 're talking to the lads , showing off , I s'pose .
16 Alice , you 're talking to a woman who 's seen a skipfest on the Raven of October .
17 Newtown , Pennsylvania-based graphics chip maker Tseng Labs Inc says it is in discussions that might lead to it entering the business of development and production of audio chips : ‘ We 're talking to a lot of people in the sound area , both engineers and companies — because we do n't have any basic sound technology , we 're looking to acquire that either through people or maybe an acquisition , ’ Tseng vice-chairman Jack Gibbons explained to Reuter .
18 Pache had no response , other than to say , ‘ we 're talking to IBM . ’
19 ‘ Who do you think you 're talking to ? ’
20 Who d' you think you 're talking to ? ’
21 It does mean collect , sort of , er , you 're talking to me everybody , it does sort of mean collect , anybody else ?
22 They 're going to be confused yes , very confused , I mean on the football pitch you usually get the trainer run man and they 're talking to the footballer and it 's looking at them all the time and he will ask questions , erm what 's your name ?
23 They might only be minor , but to the person you 're talking to it 's a major decision .
24 Some are completely on another plateau , you know , they 're just not in the real world ; they wander round and do n't make eye-contact unless they 're talking to you ; they just look at the ceiling all the time when they 're lecturing .
25 Who the hell do you think you 're talking to ?
26 A reader has suggested that the belated realization that you 're talking to an ex-lover is best expressed by the old Tallulah Bankhead crack : ‘ I did n't recognize you with your clothes on . ’
27 I think when somebody teaches it they teach it in the premise that everybody they 're talking to is heterosexual .
28 ‘ Do n't ask me ; you 're talking to somebody who thought the way to make the world a better place was to become a journalist .
29 You 're talking to a dead man . ’
30 Now , you 're talking to Zadak about the AOL .
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