Example sentences of "[be] found to " in BNC.

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1 Now , to illustrate the difference between sort of causation , one of my favourites is if you take the number of new born babies in Holland and you take the number of storks , they 're found to significantly correlate .
2 This assumes that all the women who are found to be carrying a child with Down 's syndrome will want to terminate their pregnancies .
3 If the transactions are found to be lawful and enforceable and interest rates remain high , the council stands to lose at least £69.1 million - the estimated negative value of its portfolio in February .
4 This new vision began to prove that the more you strip the documents the more mysterious they are found to be .
5 If bladder and testicles are found to be clear of disease , the most likely culprits are an adductor strain or osteitis pubis .
6 A high percentage of the homosexuals who are found to be positive , practise fellatio and , in particular , allowed ejaculation to take place in the mouth and then swallowed the semen .
7 In the UK the rubella vaccine has been offered to all girls in early adolescence and to non-pregnant women of child-bearing age who are found to be serologically negative for this antigen but with the use of the new measles/mumps/rubella ( MMR ) vaccine to small children ( 1988 ) , this will eventually become unnecessary .
8 It seems that all the things that we met with in life and thought of as advantages in the beginning , are found to be grave disadvantages ; and all those things that in our youth we thought of as severe disadvantages , at last come to be seen as benefits .
9 Although the effects of loss vary from one individual to another , on the whole it seems that men tend to fare a little better in bereavement than women , and fewer of them are found to be in need of psychiatric treatment for chronic grief and depression .
10 The largest accounting firms could be on the receiving end of proposed new penalties to prevent abuse of market power including fines of up to 10% of turnover — if they are found to be using predatory pricing .
11 Too often , however , such ideas may fail to have the desired effect because they are found to be ‘ inappropriate ’ in some way .
12 That is to say , if creativity and psychosis are found to be connected then this is more likely to be revealed , not as a function of the psychotic state itself , but in more subtle ways — for example , through certain modes or forms of thinking and perception which the tendencies to psychosis and creativity might prove to have in common .
13 But when you keep the big names supplied with a particular kind of amusement you can always depend on it that the police are found to be in the wrong , or that they are framing an innocent man , or that the children in question are his nieces .
14 Similarly for Sweden , three of the four variables are found to be significant — although the results generally for that country are less satisfactory than for the other three .
15 Their results indicate that bargaining structure is systematically related to product and labour market considerations and that high concentration and large plant size are found to be strongly associated with single-firm , as opposed to multi-firm , agreements .
16 Certain features of their performance are found to be correlated with and hence to convey information about direction and quality and distance of food source .
17 When the fins of fossil specimens are carefully dissected , the lobes at the base are found to be supported by one stout bone close to the body , two bones joined to it and finally a group of small bones — the pattern that is found in the limbs of all land vertebrates .
18 Thus a description of R. & R. Clark 's works in 1896 commented that " for straightforward setting , ordinary stonework , simple imposition and first proof-reading , the women are found to be fully qualified , though of course they do not attain to the all-round excellence of first-class men " ,
19 Ambiguity arises where , through an error in drafting , the words used in the statute are found to be capable of bearing two or more meanings .
20 They demonstrate equitable intervention in favour of married women where the conditions to which I have earlier referred are found to be present .
21 It is an inescapable fact that , despite all the care taken in passing legislation , some statutory provisions when applied to the circumstances under consideration in any specific case are found to be ambiguous .
22 Within this form of the design process the scheming and manufacturing processes are found to be highly dependent on the analysis phase .
23 Although figures 4 and 5 only indicate parameter values corresponding to the B I and B II energy minima the changes occurring during the transition are found to be smooth and monotonic .
24 Once computers have been introduced to a company and are found to be indispensable in these areas , it is a small step to progress to analysed costing .
25 From these extensive and varied surveys the detrimental effects of ionizing radiations are found to be somatic ( manifest in the exposed individuals themselves ) and genetic or hereditary ( affecting descendants ) .
26 This system will provide a clear accountability relationship between centres and SCOTVEC , will enable greater recognition to be given to centres with proven internal quality systems and will provide a spur to those centres whose systems are found to be ineffective .
27 By means of inserted trace statements the values delivered by halfMeas , i.e. a measure of half of the view area , have been obtained and are found to be consistent .
28 This can be compared with the form of the WLF equation where ατ is the reduced variables shift factor , C 1 and C 2 are constants that can be evaluated from experimental data , and are found to be and when T g is the reference temperature .
29 If any of these are found to be tractable , then they all are .
30 It has been my experience that Boards , with depressing regularity , have received submissions which on a first reading look structurally ingenious but on close analysis are found to be padded out with individual syllabuses that are academically lightweight and have little or no functional relation to the structure they are supposed to illuminate … something is disastrously wrong with planning procedures when staff only partially understand or accept the rationale of a course and a visiting party finds a farrago of assorted bits and pieces behind a facade occasionally breathtaking in its baroque audacity .
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