Example sentences of "[conj] gave you " in BNC.

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1 And they were the sort of corsets that gave you the the straight boyish look that was necessary for the clothes of the twenties and the early thirties which were cut on the cross .
2 And that gave you what ?
3 I mean you could forget this list that I gave th b that gave you , unless there 's anything on it that is still relevant , but find the things yourself on that topic so that on Thursday Next Thursday you can each spend ten minutes talking about things which you 've read in your topic specifically .
4 ‘ That headache has tightened you up all over — or perhaps it was the tightness that gave you the headache in the first place . ’
5 Now what you did when you worked out seventy eight per cent , you say seventy eight over a hundred , and you put it in your calculator , and you did seventy eight divided by a hundred , and that gave you nought point seven eight .
6 To get that appointment that gave you that one sale .
7 David had this little compartment and used to spend his whole time in a Japanese kimono with his guitar and a bottle of this horrible Reisling wine that was full of alkaline and gave you splitting headaches , but it was all there was .
8 As usual when we entered a church together , I dipped my finger in the holy water and gave you a drop from my fingertips , so that we could cross ourselves together , like a novio and novia .
9 Then the righteous will reply , ‘ Lord , when was it that we saw you hungry and fed you , or thirsty and gave you drink , a stranger and took you home , or naked and clothed you ?
10 And gave you Beauty , but deny 'd the Pelf
11 He did not beat you , and gave you a fine son .
12 Here the officials checked your number and gave you your side number , for the photo finish .
13 A representative sample of the adult British population was asked : ‘ If the company you work for had to move its premises , do you think you would or would not move with it and find a new home if it moved more than 50 miles away and gave you financial help to move ? ’
14 When I took you to church and gave you your name , he did not come .
15 Imagine a suite of software that used the central core concept controlling integrated modules and gave you the ability to run your own software as well .
16 But they said that it was a different matter over in the west , around Appleby way , where they generally paid more money but worked you very hard and gave you little meat .
17 They took most of their clothes off and gave you a lesson in their personal anatomy .
18 It 's the kind of mistake you 'll only make once or twice , I suppose , but it would be simpler if , when you enter the CUSTOMER invoice section , the program asked whether you wanted to print the invoice , and gave you the option of which one to use , or asked whether the invoice had already been raised .
19 And gave you that there ?
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