Example sentences of "[conj] gave [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Both Societies would like to express their thanks to the many people who loaned exhibits or gave their time helping to organise the events and providing refreshments .
2 Depending on how influential people were , Mickey either nodded at them or gave them a hearty greeting .
3 Though sometimes , the gentlemen chucked her beneath the chin absently , or gave her a sixpence , and one , even , pushed her for a whole quarter-hour on the swing .
4 He then scattered it on pub floors or gave it to friends to buy drugs .
5 With the outbreak of war the ILP put itself in opposition to the trade-union leaders by its refusal to support the war and by its criticism of those Labour Party members who either joined the government after 1916 or gave it their loyal parliamentary support .
6 Or gave herself to me .
7 She gave me an extra pillow , kept me supplied with boiling bottles , brought me Vichy , and my meals on a little round table , actually produced a bottle of alcool camphre & frictioned me & gave me some lime flower tea before I went to sleep .
8 On two days , since the sun had abandoned the East , we fled to the West Coast ( Scotland is very narrow just there ) where is shone magnificently , & gave our egos a boost by some moderated , strenuous hill-climbing .
9 That night he slept in an old cardboard box that he 'd found , and that gave him some protection from the chilling morning dew .
10 Ironically , it was the Government which he partly blamed for the affair that gave him the chance to return to work after retirement .
11 It had a pale beauty in the moonlight that gave him more unexpected enchantment .
12 During this time Coe was on the dole and living in Bermondsey , and it is this period of his life that gave him the basis for The Dwarves of Death .
13 The camera swung again , but this time George looked above it , to a monitor screen hung on a metal rafter above the audience , to see his own face in close-up , the eyes staring upward in a way that gave him an absurdly soulful look .
14 The creation of the Educational Priority Areas was one of the last things which Tony Crosland accomplished at the Department of Education and Science , and one of those that gave him the greatest pleasure .
15 In the end it was the regular-footer Elkerton 's ability to hit for six every type of wave — leg-breaks , off-breaks , googlies , head-severing bouncers — that the Pacific could bowl at him that gave him supremacy .
16 Though the business was thriving , there was one aspect that gave him great concern and over which he was powerless to exercise any sort of control .
17 It is important to remember that it was Alexander 's all-consuming passion for the theatre that gave him the determination to find out the cause of his hoarseness .
18 His arm lay against his side like another body , his but not his , a throbbing strangeness grotesquely large , a companion to his every movement and one that gave him no peace .
19 But it was working as a computer specialist in the insurance industry that gave him the necessary experience , most notably the motor insurance experience , he needed .
20 Allowing for a 12% margin of error , that gave him something between eleven and thirteen hundred miles of flight at his present subsonic speed .
21 Some of the smokers were aware of his campaign against passive smoking — the kind that gave him cancer in smoke-tarred clubs .
22 BILLY JOEL is battling to save the tiny New York club that gave him his first pop break .
23 There must have been something about Sir Paul that gave him confidence .
24 Another episode that gave him much reassurance was the time when Kate invited him in for tea at the Rectory .
25 He had heavy grey-flecked eyebrows that gave him a wise demeanour and looked on religion the way some men looked on marriage : as a necessary part of life .
26 Then , at a stroke , something happened that gave him a powerful sense of purpose .
27 Denyer decided to put together a mix of landscapes and portraits , images that gave him particular visual pleasure .
28 It drifted and swirled about him , making him peaceful and tired , until his sense of loss began to go and the night was no longer awesome , for he had the protection of a Callanish eagle near him , and that gave him peace to rest and sleep at last …
29 It was , I think , this last quality that gave him his reputation for indecision .
30 Edward , thinking with relief that he could leave them to it now , began to withdraw , clutching the bottles that gave him a certain exemption , free to come and go .
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