Example sentences of "[conj] giving you " in BNC.

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1 Even when she was talking to you or giving you your change , you could feel her smile going somewhere over your shoulder as she took in the whole room behind you .
2 Wandering in the road , although giving you good all-round vision , puts you at the mercy , even late at night , of the local juggernaut or aspiring Grand Prix racer .
3 They 're going to keep finding fault with your work , and giving you warnings , so they can sack you .
4 My loyalty was already tested by the thought of subscribing and giving you some guaranteed income .
5 A most effective means of doing this is through flattery and giving you the status of an innovative thinker .
6 And giving you complete access to the information you need .
7 There 'll be a noticeboard displaying Compact jobs and giving you information about the companies .
8 It 's measuring a refractive index of the solution but , and giving you a read out in terms of salinity , okay .
9 ‘ What I 'd like to be doing is putting you over my knee and giving you the spanking you heartily deserve , ’ he said grimly .
10 Suppose your neighbour 's tree grows into your garden , obscuring your light and giving you a harmful consumption externality .
11 And you know , you know , what 's the point of coming round and giving you a bollocking if nobody 's going to tell you why ?
12 I know how keen many of our listeners are on craft shows and there 's a big 'un at Nottingham University at the Jessie Boot Conference Centre , Nottingham University on Friday and Saturday , November the twenty six and twenty seventh so this is in a couple of weeks time and giving you n advance notice .
13 I 'm very sorry about your cat , about Melusina , I know how fond you were of her , but giving you compensation is out of the question .
14 ‘ You all live here in comfort , protected by people who care about you , who feed and clothe you , and pay you a wage every week as well as giving you a home … ’
15 We 're very competitive with building society high interest savings accounts , as well as giving you instant access to your money and all for a minimum balance of £500 .
16 As well as giving you all the benefits of AA Relay , it makes servicing your car a more relaxing experience .
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