Example sentences of "[conj] give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 At first she identified herself by initials alone , styling herself a ‘ minister or servant of the Gospel ’ , and she did not indicate her gender or give her full name until 1651 .
2 And all the men wanted to take Aileen dancing or give her presents .
3 Mrs O'Brien here at her home in Slough , was told by her husband that the loan back in nineteen eighty seven was only for sixty thousand pounds , the bank did n't correct this or give her independent advice .
4 He did not hand out sayings of Jesus in a little red book , or give them Christmas presents .
5 You may wish to inform a specialist group of people , or give them a reward or an incentive .
6 ‘ The best defence for our colonies , as well as for our coasts , ’ he had argued the previous year , ‘ is to have a squadron always to the westward … [ which ] may in all probability either keep the French in port , or give them battle with advantage if they come out . ’
7 For all its strengths , the game has a few flaws — you ca n't drop objects or give them to another character .
8 You will have to be ruthless if you find that they do n't press successfully , and either move them to another site in the garden , or give them to someone else .
9 Often bosses ignore workers or give them the silent treatment — a negative , no-win situation for all concerned .
10 I think they , if they , I mean as long as they know we are going to tell them or give them something each month they ought , ought to begin to look out for it .
11 The spherical objects are very fragile and must be guided by Steg , to do this he must either nudge them or give them a quick blow ( erm … yes , fair enough — Ed ) .
12 Or give them to a nearby playgroup or primary school , which will welcome any old cards that the children can cut up for collages .
13 But this time can you concentrate more on what you are going to do with your body to actually tell people via your body or give them a good idea of exactly what you mean
14 Do not subject the person to any sudden extreme changes of temperature — so do not put them next to a fire or give them hot water bottles or heavy layers of clothes or blankets .
15 If you do use sub-sections you can number them ( 1 , 1.1 , 1.2 , etc. ) or give them short titles which indicate what they contain .
16 How would be persuaded or give them the right image .
17 Now of course from the special school point of view they will say well many efforts are made to attempt to bring community life into the school and to have children erm or give them experiences in the community , so that you provide both a sheltered environment and also the opportunity to learn in the wider community , and this debate is something of a dilemma erm I do n't know that any body can give a definite answer to it .
18 Or at least tell him how to get there , or give him the money to get in when he did get there , or at least lend him a map with a cross marked on it , or give him an address .
19 Or at least tell him how to get there , or give him the money to get in when he did get there , or at least lend him a map with a cross marked on it , or give him an address .
20 ‘ People say play a half-fit Gazza , or give him a game for just a quarter of a match .
21 for whom that I had to decide whether I was going to marry him or give him up and decided I could n't give him up so I married him and was extremely happy and was shattered when he died and I , I , a , it went from you know I , I never real , thought I would be as happy , could be as happy as I was
22 Nothing could shake his calm or give him pause .
23 They may also write letters to Sinterklaas setting out what gifts they would like to receive , or do a drawing or give him a small present .
24 And you can look at it one way , and say , oh I 've got , I 've got two rows here with six in , and space them out a bit so , or give him that so he 's got sort of , two rows with six in , and you say , oh from where you 're looking at it , it 's six rows with two in .
25 Nell , watching them go , sighed and said , ‘ She did n't kiss Xanthe goodnight , you know , or give her even a hug to comfort her .
26 ‘ Lisa was in constant agony , but I could n't even comfort her or give her a cuddle because of the plaster . ’
27 Or give her some relief
28 She nearly always does go to bed with me , if I shout at her a lot or threaten her or give her enough money .
29 He interrupted himself to explain , ‘ I did n't make any false promises or give her a lot of romantic fantasy to persuade her .
30 An inscription on the record of the performance runs , ‘ Give me sodomy , or give me death . ’
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