Example sentences of "[conj] [vb mod] give " in BNC.

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1 ( ii ) Pupils should consider the notion of appropriateness to situation , topic , purpose and language mode and the fact that inappropriate language use can be a source of humour ( either intentional or unintentional ) or may give the impression that the speaker or writer is pompous or inept or impertinent or rude .
2 Females that have struggled to obtain enough food throughout the winter and emerge in spring in poor condition , may fail to conceive , or may give birth to a weak and sickly kid .
3 Should a situation arise which , in the view of one side , represents a threat to peace or a violation of peace , or may give rise to dangerous international complications , then both sides shall contact each other immediately and strive to … achieve understanding on the measures appropriate to improve or overcome the situation .
4 The Tribunal may reserve its judgement or may give its decision after a retirement before the close of the meeting .
5 No court can or should give him direction on such a matter .
6 No court can or should give him direction upon such a matter .
7 In other proceedings , however , the limitation period of six years gives , or should give , the local authority ample time to sue even after an appeal against their demand .
8 A clause such as the following will be included : To the best of the Managers ' knowledge , information and belief no event has occurred or is likely to occur which will or could give rise to any claim under the warranties or indemnities given or to be given under or pursuant to the Sale and Purchase Agreement .
9 Of course , there may be those who would argue that the entrenchment of the middle ground in power would be a good thing that would lead to moderate government and stable policies , but let them not argue that it would also be fair or would give the majority of people what they wanted of government .
10 According to this view , de Gaulle was calculating that his resignation would produce a groundswell of popular annoyance with the parties or would give the politicians an opportunity to display their full incompetence — either of which outcomes would lead to de Gaulle 's rapid reinstatement , this time with a popular mandate to create the kind of constitution that he favoured .
11 These pass on tips about jobs or lodgings , or can give a firm base of support once a migrant has crossed the border .
12 Many of them offer a mail-order service or can give you details of your local stockist .
13 In cases involving accidents at work , and in factory cases in particular , your own client or a close work colleague may be able to ask around to see if anybody actually saw the accident itself or can give background information about events leading up to the accident .
14 The other symptoms that may give clues to the presence of gonococcal infection in the woman are mostly produced when complications , such as involvement of the fallopian tubes , have set in .
15 Who tells Nestle not to promote the bottle feeding that may give a slum child fatal diarrhoea ?
16 Do nothing that may give it a bad name .
17 Which is why any passing busybodies who choose to peer into the rear seat of a parked London taxi are rewarded with a sight that may give them pause for thought .
18 Taken at its first test session at Michelin 's Clermont Ferrand test track , they show the car still under heavy disguise but revealing some of the characteristics that should give it a place among the great supercars .
19 But the declaration spoke of ‘ taking into account current economic and social conditions ’ , a clause that should give both the president and the government free rein .
20 Bewildering doubts and dissatisfied creativity had led him to the hills in search of a poetic subject ‘ that should give equal room and freedom for description , incident , and impassioned reflections on men , nature , and society ’ .
21 The ears are senseless that should give us hearing to tell him his commandment is fulfilled , that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead .
22 And that , I mean it 's very very readable and I think if you just read those two books that should give you quite a good
23 Where roads are crossed , raised crossings are provided , with ramps from the road up to the cycle-street 's level and markings to indicate clearly that it is crossing cars that must give way .
24 Microsoft also continues to press for acceptance of its proprietary LAN , e-mail and other technologies as standards despite the existence of de facto and de jure standards supported by desktop Unix systems , a position that must give users pause .
25 With the white pieces , he seemed intent on avoiding any continuation that might give him an advantage , playing into total equality , then drifting into an inferior position and time-trouble .
26 GOOD drawing ability used to be considered important at school , not only as a skill that might give expression to a child 's aesthetic and artistic inclinations , but also one that would be useful in practical ways — in recording flora and fauna in nature study , for example .
27 It is difficult to identify the personality that might give rise to this energetic emotional life , so full of fears and petty triumphs ; it is a kind of vainglorious fool , a miles gloriosus .
28 By middle age I had discovered that everything I wanted to do , every attitude I announced , every desire I expressed , anything that might give me joy appeared to contradict the wishes of someone else .
29 ‘ We do n't like anything that might give someone the idea to stick a poor fish in beer .
30 At a time when product design has lost its way , the gallery fails to provide a proper historical context that might give it some sense of direction .
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