Example sentences of "[adv] be assumed " in BNC.

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1 On the status dimension , husband-wife equality can not merely be assumed either .
2 How much of a threat this posed to those drapers who themselves furnished funerals is not recorded , but as none appear to have taken legal action , it can only be assumed that they too had dealings with these manufacturers whilst continuing to offer a funeral service to the general public .
3 Since this was also a period of great affluence , it can only be assumed that the wealthy customers who commissioned the Kamares cups — aristocrats and priestesses among them — could now afford cups of precious metal instead .
4 Decisions may make reference to expectations and values concerning kin relationships that can only be assumed .
5 It could only be assumed that the prints were obtained in a clandestine manner .
6 This seems fairly remarkable and it can only be assumed they are being kept awake by ghost stories and surveys about what people do in bed .
7 Even if working-class crime is promoted by the same features of capitalism as produce socialist consciousness this is no basis for automatically equating them : working-class crime may express purely personal goals or , if there are some wider underlying objectives , they can not necessarily be assumed to be socialist ones .
8 It might perhaps be assumed that families sending girls to be compositors would be those where there was some interest in books , but the evidence is very fragmentary .
9 Invariably in well-established firms the work continues to flow from long tapped sources , but in the aggressive business climate facing the profession today it can no longer be assumed that this will continue .
10 It can , however , no longer be assumed that that is so , and in any case it is not clear that if a clergyman wishes to stand and electors wish him to represent them the mere fact that the churches do not like the idea has anything to do with matter .
11 It may be that we are becoming a more ‘ criminal ’ nation as the increase in crime rates would suggest , but this can not just be assumed and it is important to be aware of other possible reasons for such an increase .
12 give tutorial credence it ca n't just be assumed you can take them out of tutorial and it has stopped tremendously .
13 On installation however , Unix is again ahead , and is at least the equal of NT in intra-family portability , an area in which Microsoft 's superiority would normally be assumed .
14 When the goods have only one normal purpose , the seller 's knowledge of this purpose will normally be assumed .
15 Furthermore it can not be assumed that all RDS information will be received accurately at all times .
16 It should not be assumed , however , that an analysis of the incomes per capita of various countries or regions will provide a precise measure of the market potential of each ; income is a useful indicator , but it does not provide the full picture .
17 It must not be assumed that the absence of a 24-hour rhythm in newborn babies means that they have no rhythms at all .
18 Most important , given that a rogue GMO in the environment might continue to reproduce and spread , it can not be assumed that any system of regulation can adequately guard against an environmental catastrophe .
19 Besides , the causes of some 60% of birth defects have yet to be discovered : it can not be assumed that all of them travel down only the female line .
20 It must not be assumed that the most likely date is in the centre of the range ; to quantify the distribution of the calendar dates , one of the probability methods ( which require computerisation ) must be used .
21 It should not be assumed that relationships between the Board and the District were adversarial or competitive at that time .
22 She is right to draw our attention to the importance of signalling in both ‘ actual living and theatre ’ , but it should not be assumed that the same kinds of signs are employed in these two contexts .
23 Loyalty had to be reaffirmed each time it was required ; it could not be assumed merely by reason of inhabiting a particular locality .
24 It had been a major error of judgement on the part of Lenin and the Bolshevik leadership , disregarding Lenin 's earlier warnings that it could not be assumed in any country that class issues would automatically supersede national ones .
25 Since any comprehensive peace implies a reduction of influence by , and local dependency on , the superpowers , it can not be assumed that either superpower has a strong interest in a genuine peace , unless it is able to derive greater advantage from peace than it can from continued conflict .
26 It is rather that the whole point of a national curriculum will be lost if it can not be assumed that children at 11 will be ready for whatever is the generally agreed content of the first year at secondary school .
27 It can not be assumed that women over 65 would have had an adequate screening history and therefore can be forgotten , or that there is no point in regular follow-up of older patients .
28 Victim 's interpretations and memories indicate that victim studies can not be assumed to accurately reflect the ‘ real ’ extent of crime ; and the search for more reliable and direct indicators has included the development of self-report studies .
29 But truthfulness can not be assumed in every instance .
30 The understanding and support of personnel can not be assumed .
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