Example sentences of "[noun] all over " in BNC.

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1 He had a beard all over his chest and back , too .
2 This one was very small with grey fur all over its body .
3 No , no it 's not because B T all over the country is n't it
4 ‘ I have promised to take big fights all over the country and they come no bigger than a bout with a world title at stake , ’ Hearn said .
5 What a growing part of agriculture all over the world had in common was subjection to the industrial world economy .
6 There were dead birds all over the streets .
7 ‘ We 'd go to all these really swinging parties with all these naked birds all over the place , all covered in drugs , and then this geezer in an acrylic suit would walk in. ‘ 'E would n't talk to anyone .
8 ‘ We 'd go to all these really swinging parties with all these naked birds all over the place , all covered in drugs , and then this geezer in an acrylic suit would walk in. ‘ 'E would n't talk to anyone .
9 These workers have traditionally been the toughest and most radical , and employers all over America are aware that if Pittston can break the ‘ mother union ’ , then the attempts to gain the ground lost in the Reagan years will be stillborn .
10 It was the same story all over Bomber Command .
11 Together we shouted at the man , and told him we would tell this story all over London so that his name would be hated .
12 If I did n't think you 'd go blabbing your side of the story all over town , I 'd have you out of my house in two shakes . ’
13 Perhaps Trine was telling the truth and Love Hearts were being taken at raves all over the country .
14 He would be able to visit libraries , museums and institutions all over Britain and make contact with other numerologists .
15 He joined a syndicate which invested in the insurance market … underwriting policies all over the world , from family cars to ships ' cargoes .
16 So she did — her brother-in-law , a schoolteacher with a young growing family , a huge mortgage and debts all over the place .
17 It bone breaths all over me .
18 They crawled out the bucket all over the deck .
19 and he could n't a job and then , I me I mean , he tried for apprenticeships all over the place and other jobs and he just could n't get one !
20 Apart from a broken rib , massive bruises all over my body , and slight concussion , I was in one piece .
21 you had to belt the players so hard that you ended up with small bruises all over your hand from where their heads indented .
22 MONEY raised through the Church of Ireland 's Bishops ' Appeal will go towards relief projects all over the world .
23 Since railways were built anywhere , they could not necessarily rely on a local labour-force , but developed a corps of nomadic labourers ( known in Britain as the ‘ navvies ’ ) , such as still characterises the great construction projects all over the world .
24 They will be affected for the rest of their lives by the kind of diet which is condemned by nutritionists all over the world as likely to lead to a whole variety of illnesses in later life .
25 As we have seen , it is probable that pairs of virtual particles — one of matter , one of antimatter — spontaneously pop into existence all over the Universe .
26 Think , instead , of a large population in which there is not much movement , so that individuals tend to resemble their immediate neighbours more than their more distant neighbours , even though there is continuous interbreeding all over the whole area .
27 And when we seen them , we just bust ourselves laughing , cos they looked so funny with Marie 's hair all over the place and me with this real surprised look on my face .
28 Chadwick arrives , breezing into the bar , looking well and happy , with a big grin and his hair all over the place .
29 My own vanity , such as it was , could not accept any of this ; in that dressing-gown , and with my hair all over the place , I was hardly something that a chance met man would want to lay claim to .
30 ‘ The first time I ever saw you , you were in breeches with your hair all over your face and again the next day when you took me out riding .
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