Example sentences of "[noun] ' training " in BNC.

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1 Bulgarian visitors help Scots ' training
2 The allocation to L Detachment of specialists taken from Special Service units would greatly increase the scope of the units ' training and thereby augment its value to men who inevitably gain versatility and resourcefulness .
3 Successful students are awarded the University of Durham Certificate in British Sign Language Tutors ' Training Course ( Foundation Level ) .
4 After six months ' training , I repeatedly found blood in my urine , which a consultant thought indicated a kidney disorder .
5 Inspired by the work of Florence Nightingale in the Crimea , she was determined to become a nurse , and eventually , in 1860 , she overcame her mother 's opposition and embarked on eight months ' training at Kaiserswerth .
6 Now living in Wimbledon , in a spacious house complete with swimming pool , Crawford went into four months ' training for his gruelling role , starting each day at 6.30am with a four-mile run across the common , which he built up to twelve miles .
7 are on three months ' placement with , on a three months ' placement with the Authority until the middle of September as part of a six months ' training programme organised by the South African Advanced Educational Project .
8 After just 12 months ' training , they will be able to teach nursery and infant pupils .
9 Much of the certifieds ' training is done by correspondence course and , until the final exams that must be passed in one sitting , they are able to tackle the lower stages over a five-year period , taking one or two at a time .
10 She hopes to continue tutoring for A level and GCSE and will be a member of the staff of the Readers ' training course in the Derby Diocese .
11 Overall , Johnnies ' training budget for the year is approximately £9 million .
12 Brigadier Scott is taken to the Sergeants ' Mess to meet the Mess members , all of Whom have played vital parts either as instructors or in the administrative support of the recruits ' training , prior to lunching in the Officers ' Mess .
13 Allan Wells ' training consisted of speedball training and gym circuits , hill running , bounding and specific sprint training on the track .
14 In fact , the only similarity between the film and Allan Wells ' training was Harold Abraham 's high knee stepping drills — and we thought that exercise was invented by Don Quarrie !
15 We 've be run courses you know and this they used to , they run directors ' courses , directors ' training courses and things like that you know and public speaking you know .
16 To highlight boobytraps and pitfalls in parents ' training
17 As the material prepared by the Scottish Office was so extensive , it was expected that the use of this would form a major part of boards ' training activity .
18 A MOVE to new premises has put Courtaulds ' training centre at Coventry , UK , on course for further success .
19 ‘ The results were encouraging in that we saw the benefits of assessments which enabled gaps in skills to be identified , ’ said , head of functional training at Courtaulds ' Training , Education and Development Centre at Woodside in the UK .
20 Jerry , 29 , caters for guests from around the world as head chef at Courtaulds ' Training , Education and Development Centre in Woodside near Coventry .
21 The older figures will be selected by prison staff and sent on six-week Samaritans ' training courses under a Home Office scheme , called Listening Prisoners .
22 The Ethiopian army , the biggest in sub-Saharan Africa , consists largely of press-ganged young peasants or unemployed urban teenagers who have been drafted to the front after a few weeks ' training .
23 The junior recruits sit on the edge of the parade ground to witness the parade and to learn what they must achieve after a further four weeks ' training .
24 The new rules , which integrate training requirements for both trainees and newly qualifieds doing the two-year work experience requirement for a practising certificate , also introduce a minimum 20 weeks ' training in accounting .
25 We will also establish a work programme , combining three days a week work for the unemployed — paid at the proper rate — with two days ' training and job seeking .
26 But much more detailed and as a result not only of about twelve days ' training which we 've undertaken in that area with the management team , or various of them , but also of our experience over the last eighteen months in operating it .
27 All had volunteered for the study and received two full days ' training before its start .
28 Approved social workers under the Act would require specialist training and an appraisal of their competence , and the central council for education and training in Social Work ( CCETSW ) insists upon a minimum of sixty days ' training culminating in formal examinations .
29 But looking at it from the other point , that 's the you know the word entitlement comes from you know , I I think I 'm entitled to twenty days ' training , but whether I need twenty days ' training to be
30 But looking at it from the other point , that 's the you know the word entitlement comes from you know , I I think I 'm entitled to twenty days ' training , but whether I need twenty days ' training to be
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