Example sentences of "[noun] ['s] training " in BNC.

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1 The borough plans to house its archives in this ‘ lilla huset ’ ( Swedish for ‘ little house ’ ) , together with an urban study centre for local schools and a business studies centre for the borough 's training programme .
2 Sally-Anne had never before understood the necessity to be absolutely precise in everything she did , and Matey 's training , designed to make her a good maid , was beginning to affect her habits in every other part of her life .
3 The project is following up those young people who have left the Association 's training schemes in the last few years and is investigating , through questionnaires and interviews , how the employers of those ex-trainees make their recruitment decisions .
4 Peter Jackson , 44 , is now the brigade 's training and development officer .
5 I , I mean , I at the moment I 'm not doing anything about Neil 's training because we 've got coming and it 's it 's too soon to start stirring up the bud again .
6 To hammer home the point , he denied his players from having a late Christmas dinner by taking them straight back to the club 's training ground .
7 While Graeme Souness 's men take on Middlesbrough in an attempt to recover from their midweek European exit , Barnes will spend his 29th birthday bidding to resurrect his personal fortunes at the club 's training ground .
8 Relations with Brian Clough hit rock bottom , you might remember , when the manager called the police in to escort Fashanu from the club 's training ground .
9 Two days earlier he had been driving troop carriers at Kuchino , one of the KGB 's training centres outside Moscow , and now he 'd been asked to drive for General Benin no less .
10 The KGB 's training school for Third World terrorists ? ’
11 These groupings have TEED ( the Employment Department 's Training , Enterprise and Education Directorate ) approval as VQs , and are accepted as being equivalent to NVQs at levels 1 , 2 and 3 .
12 Woolley 's training programme was grindingly hard , tent-life cold , wet and colourless , and the news from the front depressing .
13 It was work towards which all Ramsey 's training and expectations led as the right contribution which he could make to the life of his Church and to that of Christendom .
14 Fillis 's training methods were cruel , and fortunately were quickly forgotten after his death , but he is of interest because he tried to demonstrate ( although unsuccessfully ) how horses think .
15 Does my right hon. and learned Friend accept the good news , contrary to what was said by the hon. Member for Ashfield ( Mr. Haynes ) , that although in recent times my constituency has experienced economic difficulties , so successful has my right hon. and learned Friend 's training and enterprise programme been that the Crawley and District Industries Association has told me that this is the first time during a downturn in the economy when training by companies has increased rather than decreased ?
16 The college 's training department has since 1988 designed specialist short courses to business and industry , ranging from European marketing for managers to courses for engineers .
17 Labour 's training levy — the introduction of yet another socialist tax on industry — would either reduce profit margins and therefore investment or , if it expanded the money supply , would lead to an increase in prices .
18 What about Labour 's training commitment ?
19 Linda 's training to be a .
20 A course in communication skills at the force 's training college in Berkshire .
21 Bulgarian visitors help Scots ' training
22 The allocation to L Detachment of specialists taken from Special Service units would greatly increase the scope of the units ' training and thereby augment its value to men who inevitably gain versatility and resourcefulness .
23 Successful students are awarded the University of Durham Certificate in British Sign Language Tutors ' Training Course ( Foundation Level ) .
24 After six months ' training , I repeatedly found blood in my urine , which a consultant thought indicated a kidney disorder .
25 Inspired by the work of Florence Nightingale in the Crimea , she was determined to become a nurse , and eventually , in 1860 , she overcame her mother 's opposition and embarked on eight months ' training at Kaiserswerth .
26 Now living in Wimbledon , in a spacious house complete with swimming pool , Crawford went into four months ' training for his gruelling role , starting each day at 6.30am with a four-mile run across the common , which he built up to twelve miles .
27 are on three months ' placement with , on a three months ' placement with the Authority until the middle of September as part of a six months ' training programme organised by the South African Advanced Educational Project .
28 After just 12 months ' training , they will be able to teach nursery and infant pupils .
29 Much of the certifieds ' training is done by correspondence course and , until the final exams that must be passed in one sitting , they are able to tackle the lower stages over a five-year period , taking one or two at a time .
30 She hopes to continue tutoring for A level and GCSE and will be a member of the staff of the Readers ' training course in the Derby Diocese .
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