Example sentences of "[noun] [prep] all " in BNC.

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1 In Cologne , acquisitions by museums are nearly non-existent because the total budget for all [ ten ] museums is only DM500,000 ( £178,500 ; $310,700 ) .
2 The NME 's owners , IPC Magazines , rapidly became delighted by the paper 's status and profitability but occasionally embarrassed by the weekly outpourings of radical dementia , its enthusiasm for all ( ahem ) manifestations or rock culture and its ( ahem again ) colourful , demotic language .
3 The National Curriculum Council 's own guidance : A Curriculum for All ( NCC 1989a ) , not only presents the National Curriculum as a common entitlement , but also gives it an ideological pedigree .
4 This cave , also known as Diccan Pot , must be regarded as absolutely out of bounds for all but hardy and experienced cavers .
5 Undaunted , the 1918 Education Act made provision for local authorities to begin to open such schools for all 14–16 year-olds not otherwise engaged in full-time secondary education .
6 The report Educational Opportunities for All ( ILEA 1985 ) remarks upon the enthusiasm expressed by London teachers for this method of working and recommends that an evaluation of support teaching be carried out as a matter of urgency .
7 there are 12 designs for all around the home , and they offer an inexpensive way to make any room 's decorations unique .
8 We can see that their present distribution upon the globe is the result of all the more recent changes the earth 's surface has undergone ; and by a careful study of the phenomena we are sometimes able to deduce approximately what those past changes must have been , in order to produce the distribution we find to exist .
9 Women , being closer to nature because of their biology , were more likely to be overcome by powerful feelings , and the burden therefore fell upon women to control themselves , for their good and for the good of all around them .
10 To enter the book draw , just send your name and address on a postcard , and do n't forget to state whether you would prefer books from only one category or a mix of all ( please give the age of child if applicable ) , to SHE/Books for Giving Offer , BA Marketing , Minster House , 272 Vauxhall Bridge Road , London SW1V 1BA , by November 30 .
11 Because students are usually taught four-part harmony , and there are four conventional voices ( soprano , alto , tenor , and bass ) , they tend always to write for the conventional four-part mixed choir , thus ignoring the existence of the most common voices of all ( mezzo soprano and baritone ) .
12 To put it another way : when the cat is on heat ( which she has n't been since the vet gave her the unkindest cut of all ) , nevertheless when she was , she had very little time for chasing moths hanging unsubtly round the fridge or cuddling up for a neck scratch .
13 World championships in several sports are already lined up for the Arena , as well as national and local sports events to drawn sports fans from all over Britain .
14 She was buried at Cholsey where her grave has become a shrine for fans from all over the world .
15 horse racing fans from all over the country came to the Cotswolds yesterday for a rather special day …
16 horse racing fans from all over the country came to the Cotswolds yesterday for a rather special day …
17 The club is revving up a grand welcome for four-wheel fans from all over Britain .
18 The feasts of the Madonna fell on 15 August and 8 September , and on those days hundreds if not thousands of pilgrims descended on Fontanellato from all over the province and even further afield .
19 There are very many sixth-century kouroi from all over the Greek world .
20 Candidates from all over the north east descended on this once quiet spa town , to be introduced to the delights of Sales .
21 He recalls in the book , that ‘ On Court 1 , one intrepid spectator … persuaded fellow spectators to play charades , while in the various Press rooms , another entirely different game was being played , as journalists from all over the world pondered how to fill acres of space available to record the most important events of the day ’ .
22 The opening ceremony at the Altes Museum in central Berlin was attended by journalists from all over Europe and excited Berliners .
23 Sugar was the first aircraft to undertake such a mercy flight , and over the next two or three weeks many other Lancasters made similar trips from all over Europe .
24 If so , a bacterial chromosome would resemble a professional football team , whose players have been transferred into the club from all over the place .
25 Police say they 're following up possible sightings of Dennis Garvey ’ s car from all over the country .
26 It now attracts international drivers from all over Europe and is worth points in the European Championship .
27 Here developed in the eleventh and twelfth centuries a centre for the arts which attracted artists and craftsmen from all over Italy .
28 Ecclesiastics from all over the Christian world trained in Ireland .
29 The 800-year-old hospital cares for the ill from all over Britain .
30 Dozens of hunt supporters from all over Gloucestershire turned out to lobby councillors before today 's meeting .
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