Example sentences of "[pron] else to " in BNC.

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1 Evidently Hatton got a hundred when he was personally involved , fifty when it was someone else to be knocked on the head and left in a ditch .
2 To make oneself a ‘ victim of God 's justice ’ , to perform penances greater than one 's own sins had ‘ earned ’ , was to set that additional penance ‘ free ’ for someone else to ‘ use ’ for their salvation .
3 I think we 'll send someone else to Tokyo .
4 We must have confidence in ourselves ; if we do n't , how can we expect someone else to ?
5 ‘ That 's why I 'm trying to get someone else to . ’
6 This should be accurate enough for the findspot to be plotted on a map and for someone else to be able to find the location .
7 It was her left arm , however , so she was able to write out the application to my dictation , and I got someone else to type it .
8 So long as you let us know , we can arrange for someone else to .
9 It 's like everything else , you 've always summat else to bloody feed .
10 They expect somebody else to be responsible ’ and it was a cause for great sorrow that ‘ Gone are the days of Queen Victoria . ’
11 Cos if you were asked as , as , as a person by , by a manager or by somebody else to , to actually do the training , then it 's your responsibility is n't it you 've been asked , you 've been given that task and it 's your responsibility to ensure that people are able to do at the end of the session something effectively .
12 That 's normal and that 's what Wendy has to learn to do or else it 's you know it 's it 's difficult for somebody else to if Ian did it he would have to get all the figures first .
13 Well somebody else to Ay ?
14 It must sound a bit of a cheek , ’ Lou rushed on as Melissa hesitated , ‘ but I do n't know who else to … ’
15 Thatcher 's government places liberty at a much lower level , it makes freedom just another preference , just something that some people want a great deal more than most people do , just something else to be balanced out with an eye to majority opinion and the next election …
16 If you have to stop him doing one thing , provide something else to interest and occupy him .
17 I have a suspicion , too , that we ow something else to Rheinberger : his Eighth Organ Sonata in E minor , appeared in 1882 , two years before Brahms 's Fourth Symphony ( also in E minor ) .
18 It is my experience that whenever I try to combine shooting and ferreting I wait a long time for the chance of a shot , then there is something else to be done .
19 ‘ Could you … could you possibly deliver something else to him ? ’
20 Besides , being so late in the season he did not anticipate any difficulty ; although there was something else to which he had not given any thought .
21 I intended to have said something else to her .
22 But there always seemed to be something else to be done about the farm .
23 So it 's actually sometimes thinking about , can I tie in something else to this , which may bring the whole picture , bring it all together , but be creative .
24 ‘ It 's not that , ’ Fabia began , certain in her heart that she had now scuppered every last chance of that interview with Ven , but with Cara having more than enough to worry about with Barney still so poorly , not wanting to give her something else to be upset about .
25 He remembered her at moments such as these and felt a twinge of guilt — not a searing kick in the gut — which , he supposed , was something else to be thankful for .
26 Well , he says one thing to Emmie and something else to me .
27 No one else to be afraid of .
28 You had come back to me in order to show me your poems : there was no one else to whom you could show them .
29 But once again , a sacrifice is necessary , and there is no one else to make-it .
30 I did n't give this observation a lot of thought until my father 's death left me with no one else to whom I could turn .
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