Example sentences of "[pron] just happened " in BNC.

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1 With chains and gags and — dirt — This week , ever so efficiently filing records for this surgeon , I just happened to come across a sixteen-year-old who had his leg off last year — they 're fitting him with an artificial one , it takes months , they 're incredibly slow — and it 's started up for certain now in his other leg , he does n't know , but I know , I know lots of things .
2 They just put me up for it and I just happened to be about at the time .
3 I knew the sound that I wanted , in my head , and I just happened to find this old AC30 which belonged to a friend of mine .
4 I just happened to be around some great players and be part of a great team ’ , he said with typical modesty .
5 I never dreamed there would be this much money , I just happened to come along when everything started to escalate .
6 She was going through a traumatic divorce at the time and it was obvious she needed someone to talk to and I just happened to be around .
7 I just happened to be seen by a lot of people every night .
8 ‘ Of course , I 'm really saving it up for when the hotpot comes out of the oven , but I just happened to cast my eye and yes , look … . ’
9 I just happened to be interested , that 's all , ’ she replied .
10 I just happened to be with Nick Simpkin .
11 I just happened to look up and he was back .
12 I just happened to discover it last spring , when I was trying to find out more about the d'Urbervilles and noticed your name in the village . ’
13 I just happened to feel it because the wounds have n't been healing Doctor ,
14 ‘ I do n't , I just happened to see that tatty book of horoscopes Myra keeps on her desk while I was waiting for you one day , so I looked it up , ’ Dana said defiantly .
15 I just happened to notice it , that 's all . ’
16 I just happened to wake up and see her in the courtyard .
17 ‘ There must have been about 30 pairs in the drawer but I just happened to pick the one with the money .
18 I said that I just happened to have my travelling rod with me … though it hardly mattered as they had more than enough gear .
19 Actually , I 'd been waiting for somebody else but I just happened to be on hand and I could n't just stand there and watch her struggle with all those boxes , suitcases , typewriters , bicycles , stereo systems and so on .
20 ‘ Look , lady — ’ little Cleo staggered back into the room clutching a bright red balloon' — I just happened to be there , looking after the place while the owner was away .
21 I just happened to know that Geoffrey was keen to meet you again , and you do seem to be at a loose end at the moment .
22 I was in the US over the summer ( yes , I just happened to see a couple of the England games ) and it was the same there — ordinary match-going footie fans who like a drink and a bit of crack ( fun , that is ) , and who all supported loads of different teams mixing together happily enough .
23 I just happened to be in the corridor .
24 The things I said may have been unjustified , and the fact that I just happened to be bloody tired and bad-tempered was no excuse .
25 I just happened to be in the right place at the right time . ’
26 I just happened to have a photograph .
27 I just happened to pick , I picked the favourite and everyone was going .
28 I just happened to see these selection of pots no I think there these fancy ones more
29 Its just happened so fast , ’ says the former Shanna Jackson .
30 Yes , and she phoned me and she said I feel as though I dropped out of the bottom of the world she said , you know , I just do n't see anybody , I said well of course you were working on Mondays , you see she used to have Mondays to herself and I would often go round on a Monday afternoon and , we , we could talk , but that 's gone and I said I ca n't run in at half past five when you get home from school and chat to you because Ned will be coming home at six and I do n't want to be there all that often when he 's there erm its you know , its just happened and I also thought to myself and I 'm probably going to move a lot further away then Fen Lane .
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