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1 Beholden to an anatomically derived , heterosexually structured , and all-embracing dualism , such theories could only conceive of homosexuality as a disavowal of that very difference which is assumed to be fundamental to social , psychic , and sexual organization .
2 As Eyre ( 1987 ) reports , there is considerable variation of opinion relating to rates of deforestation ; FAO ( 1985 ) , for example , quote a figure of 3.0 per cent per year which is assumed to be due to commercial logging .
3 The acceptance of the first of the three premises , that the god to be worshipped is not to be identified with the power which is assumed to have created the universe , will bring about a change from long established practice and is of great importance .
4 The responsible commitment which is assumed in a small way in all personal knowledge comes into its own in the Christian faith .
5 The major locus , which is assumed to have two alleles — A and A' producing three genotypes AA , AA' , A'A' — is defined by three parameters : q , the frequency of the major gene A' ; t , the displacement — that is , the distance measured in standard deviations on the liability scale between the two homozygous genotype class means ; and d , the degree of dominance , expressed as the position of the heterozygous class mean in relation to the homozygous class mean ( d=0 corresponds to a recessive gene , d=1 to a dominant gene , and d=0.5 to an additive gene ) .
6 In his second oration against Verres Cicero describes hypocrisy in terms which sound like a scenario for Iago 's undermining of Othello : In the Academica he attacks the simulatio of virtue which is assumed not out of duty but in pursuit of pleasure , and in De Finibus he denounces those whose actions are motivated by personal desire for pleasure rather than respect for the moral law .
7 Dominant values are upheld and dominant interests protected in the name of universal interests — in the child care case , in the cause of child welfare , which is assumed to be some kind of objectively assessable ‘ good thing ’ .
8 An alternative to this view is that corporate managers use their expertise to help define and implement the broad purpose of the organization , which is assumed to be that of furthering the public interest .
9 In arguing for the relevance of the notion of autonomy in private life , she brings into question the demarcation point between private and public life which is assumed by most of the philosophical tradition she is working in .
10 At the surface of the Earth , which is assumed to be a sphere of radius R and uniform density p , the relative acceleration of two objects towards the Earth as a result of such a fifth force would be if is the usual gravitational acceleration and Δ ( B ) is the difference between the values of B for the two bodies .
11 Associated with each vacancy is a fixed wage w which is a random draw from the density , which is assumed to be constant over time and known to the searcher .
12 Equations ( 5.1 ) and ( 5.2 ) have already been explained : t is the aggregate demand shock which is assumed to follow the ‘ random walk ’ process shown in equation ( 5.3 ) , that is it equals its value in the previous period plus t , a serially uncorrelated random error with zero mean and constant variance .
13 Further influences on demand are a relative demand shock , and a private-sector aggregate demand shock , t which is assumed to follow the process shown in equation ( 5.3 ) .
14 Thus for each country one could use Lucas 's measure of unanticipated aggregate demand to estimate the following OLS regression based on equation(6.3) : where is a coefficient , and is a random error which is assumed to be serially uncorrelated with zero mean .
15 The distribution of the isotope shifts among the various bands gives independent evidence about the force field , which is assumed to be invariant , while the mass-dependent kinetic energy terms alter .
16 ( 8.19 ) is the value in period n of the dividend income to infinity which is assumed to grow at the ‘ normal ’ rate , ( ) , discounted back to the present .
17 Pakistan 's military intelligence service , the ISI , which is assumed to be directing the attack , has lost face .
18 As well as being able to make chargeable transfers and exempt transfers , under IHTA 1984 , s3(3A) a taxpayer may also make a potentially exempt transfer which is broadly a transfer which is assumed to be exempt from inheritance tax at the time of the gift but which may ultimately end up being a chargeable transfer because the donor does not survive the making of the gift by seven years .
19 We saw in the previous chapter that equilibrium is achieved in the money market when the total demand for money ( which depends on the interest rate and the level of income ) is equal to the money supply ( which is assumed to be autonomous ) .
20 That is to say , the ‘ relevant mental condition ’ which the critic/reader must recreate within himself is assumed also to be the mental condition of the author .
21 That is what she is assumed to want , and that is her innate nature and hence it should be so .
22 The demonstrators against the war in the streets of the capital are using the weapon of Islamic solidarity to have a go at the western powers , and some are indirectly critical of Mr Suharto , who is assumed to be the West 's friend .
23 But in the classroom , the roles are often reversed : the person who asks the questions is the one who is assumed to be more knowledgeable .
24 This project has three objectives : to investigate how accurately parents and their adolescent children can predict each other 's thinking over complex moral and social problems ; to assess whether the degree of such accuracy is related to the nature and extent of parent-adolescent conflicts , and to test whether an individual at one level of cognitive development can describe the view of another person who is assumed to be at a higher level .
25 In this definition , and throughout Parsons ' analysis , ‘ power ’ is identified with ‘ legitimate authority ’ , and this authority itself is assumed to arise from some kind of pervasive agreement upon the collective purposes of society as a whole .
26 The sort of spatial metaphor implicit in Peer Gynt 's account of himself is also apt in the accounts of self given by Daly , Millett and Frye , except that there is assumed to be a ‘ core ’ .
27 It may possibly be , as it surely is in ( 22 ) , that , where a single entity is present to the mind of the speaker , the same speaker can not simultaneously entertain the idea of more than one referent corresponding to that entity ( though there may be certain problems for this view in the case of collective nouns such as government or congregation or quartet , for which see Chapter 8 ) ; however , it is much less obvious that , where there is assumed to be only a single referent , there should be only a single intensional entity present to the mind ; rather , it seems to us that the separation of the referential and the intensional elements is precisely what lies behind such examples as ( 23 ) ( from Searle , 1969 ) , or ( 24 ) : ( 23 ) Everest is Chomolungma ( 24 ) the sheriff did not know that he was Arthur 's brother In the latter sentence , of course , we are interested in the interpretation which has he co-referring with Arthur 's brother , and the reason that we do not find a reflexive in the final position is precisely that these two elements are distinct intensionally even though they share the same referent .
28 In other academic areas it is assumed that the teacher knows more than the student , and is there to convey this knowledge , whether as a corpus or a skill .
29 Now it is assumed all in a household have an equal share of the total income .
30 It is assumed that he was arrested on suspicion of being an American spy .
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