Example sentences of "[pron] [modal v] sort " in BNC.

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1 Erm so I may sort of look into it a bit more maybe get a bit more experience
2 We shall stick to those and er I 'll sort of see you all er anon .
3 and I 'll sort of ring to say
4 I I I I think that 's one of the options that I could sort of er I could still be the li , cleaner over here .
5 I 've bought all sorts really , but normally in the first week or two of getting paid , I 'd buy a gram or whatever and make it last for four or five days , so I 'd sort of have a quarter a day out of it .
6 For two pins I 'd sort of say to them , I thought well you might might say something to the erm
7 ‘ I thought we really would make a new start , that I would sort of … make him blossom . ’
8 And at the beginning of the year , I would sort of work out which weeks I want those mailings to go out .
9 and it was just a case of erm pot luck , I would sort of brought it out and looked at it and , er no it was n't cooked , it was cooked on the edges so I turned it over and turned it round and put it back in again .
10 and I would sort of put that in there .
11 I can honestly say he 's the sort of bloke I would sort of try not to get lumbered with at a party or somewhere like that I mean I do n't mind I did n't mind talking to her but I find her
12 Yeah , the got to actually change the starter motor erm I mean on the A D fifties and the two litre they I would sort of , its only a hundred and fifty cc , but the next biggest thing they did was stopping er , a sixteen hundred so quite a lot of those , but nine times out of ten all they did was another part , so
13 And so er friends of ours , he 's got muscular dystrophy and he 's sort of in the same sort of and so we we 'll have a decrepit contingent , he and I will sort of and the two girls who are relatively young and healthy will go charging around and taking photographs and doing the tourist thing .
14 And now you can ask I can sort of ask you questions on it like if he 's been travelling for let's say If he 's if he 's covered sixty miles how long has he been riding for ?
15 Erm ah , now that erm I think I was reasonably happy most of the time , erm I know if I can sort of look at the other side of the coin erm , I became a bit apprehensive as the war went on and er , obviously it was n't going to last much longer .
16 the exams and if I can sort of say , you do n't need to worry about
17 I 've got on the tape here a song which is by Manny Fryer he used to sing in Steel Ice Band er now I know that that 's sort of very old hat , I 'm sorry , but I sort of live in the past and er this er I I believe also that these days so that er you know I can sort of justify that but this is a song that er she has sung which er reminds us that each of us has the potential to commit the crime I 'll try not to play it fast forward , let's see how we go .
18 ‘ Communication is difficult but I can sort of make myself understood in some ways .
19 Foot in the door a bit see , see if I can sort of , you know
20 Mind you , it 's always the sa like it 's the work th getting on with the machines I can sort of work through the
21 So I thought well if I can sort of get think to myself a rough idea before I go Jonathan 's going to Geoff 's mums cos Geoff 's got ta work all day Saturday you see ?
22 And I said I can sort of keep on top of mine , but I said I am up early .
23 I can sort of get through it and erm understanding it 's
24 said all I 'm worried about is did I wash my hair too early for you so she said it 's alright I 've got a spray that I can sort of cos she likes it quite wet when she
25 And that is as much as I can sort of remember .
26 which might sort of
27 Or you may sort of erm people who you do the same thing over and over again , the same sort of job , would you not agree a little bit of complacency can set in and erm things do n't perhaps come over quite as they should ?
28 Now Jean was pleased because I do sequence dancing which I learnt with my husband , and so now this coming September when we start back again , once a month I 'm going to teach some sequence dancing in the hope that some young ones would , will hear of it and , and join because then once you can sort of get them involved with one thing you may sort of get good numbers .
29 If you may sort of done it
30 be careful of the roads because a car ca n't erm ca n't always stop in time it 's up to you not to walk out in front of them cos they can say oh well you should be able to stop in time but in practice if you drove to be able to stop in time if somebody stepped out in front of you you 'd never above about five miles an hour you know ? you must sort of stick to the speed limits I do n't believe it we got gaining on the car in front .
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