Example sentences of "[prep] all the " in BNC.

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1 It drenched the prize , his skin : smooth belly and thighs , for all the more exciting .
2 She therefore concluded that ‘ it may be necessary to make the State system a flat rate one and secure the necessary gradation by supplementary allowances from an occupational pool for all the higher grade occupations ’ ( Rathbone , 1949 , p. 236 ) .
3 Furthermore , is it certain that the consumption of more than the daily requirement of methionine in this combination would be safe for all the more than 20 million adults in the United Kingdom who currently consume paracetamol each year without harm ?
4 Even if it did n't lead to the elimination of all the older , ‘ flawed ’ models , a narrow range of ‘ new ’ species might well reduce the older ones to huddled groups in farming heritage parks .
5 P. Ransome-Wallis remarked that one platform would have sufficed for the traffic , and indeed it was not long before Trinidad 's railways , together with those of all the smaller West Indian islands , were shut down .
6 We can see that their present distribution upon the globe is the result of all the more recent changes the earth 's surface has undergone ; and by a careful study of the phenomena we are sometimes able to deduce approximately what those past changes must have been , in order to produce the distribution we find to exist .
7 The combined effect of these provisions is to give a power of summary arrest in the case of all the more serious offences and many of the most commonly committed offences , e.g. murder , manslaughter , the major offences against the person , offences under the Criminal Damage Act and almost all the Theft Act offences .
8 This activation of a hypothesis through connections to any part of it is enough in itself to recover the missing information , but TRACE II also has feedback from the higher level which can increase the activity of all the lower level descriptions which support it .
9 A GOLDEN glow is still associated with good health , despite all the darker publicity on the sun and its skin cancer links .
10 Distanced from the day-to-day world of his youthful and not-so-youthful listeners , he could speak with all the more understanding , all the more authority , to their needs .
11 Accordingly , when the Virgilian voice does irrupt into these relatively late Cantos , it does so with all the more force for being unheralded .
12 It was encouraging to see the high uptake of training by members of the family , with all the younger generation in Powys , South Wales and Speyside having participated .
13 They would possibly attack with all the more force , to avenge him .
14 Paul 's teaching must have come with all the more force to his original hearers .
15 It is likely that he knew that and said it with all the more relish .
16 Mr Millar 's information — as with all the larger supermarket chains — is bang up-to-date .
17 Damage is assessed visually , and many countries use the illustrated Swiss guide Sanasilva which shows the various stages of decline in all the commoner native British and European trees in colour photographs .
18 Again it came as no surprise that the winners were in all the higher price bracket .
19 One is that , in all the more developed countries , alternation of ruling parties has virtually ceased — from the US and Japan to Germany and Spain .
20 It 's there in her wonderfully thoughtful , inward account of Quilter 's Now Sleeps the crimson petal on the ‘ Blow the Wind Southerly ’ disc of British song ( Disc 8 ) , in Schubert 's Du liebst mich nicht in the Edinburgh recital with Bruno Walter ( Disc 9 ) , even more so in the tremendous outpouring in Von ewiger Liebe in the same recital , and in all the Vier ernste Gesänge with Sargent ( the version with piano is much less communicative ) .
21 In all the later , more organized phases of this type , at a time when the practice of art had been both distinguished and specialized , the institution of artists as part of the general social organization was still , as we have seen , normal .
22 But when the New Zealanders went in search of quick runs the following morning , they achieved their aims without too many alarms , thanks to bright knocks from all the lower order .
23 ‘ Hurry up , ’ she said , as if the church service would be over all the quicker if Maxie got a move on .
24 Ramsey lectured on all the later part of the Bible and on the central Christian doctrines .
25 You will have heard that if you do stick to a diet and lose weight , then your metabolism will drop so dramatically that the weight piles on all the more easily in the future .
26 In addition to acting as local pilot to some of the remoter islands during our stay , there were trips by car to all the more interesting spots on shore such as the old village of Skara Brae , the Churchill Barrier and the Italian Chapel .
27 The Law Commission said ( Report No 69 , p175 ) " In [ this ] case the terms of the contract will not be decisive — regard will be had to all the circumstances " .
28 She did n't seem at all the worse for drink . ’
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