Example sentences of "[been] [det] " in BNC.

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1 He had left her and gone to live with an upper-class woman , had soared to the opposite end of the scale from Josie , whose attraction for him had been that of a splenetic victim from the lower depths of the goyim : but Josie had refused a divorce and the ordeal had dragged on .
2 The actual sphere of competence the church had sought to monopolize had been that of sexual morals , temperance , the semi-private sphere of the family , and education .
3 Lucy was weeping as she had been that afternoon .
4 But life had not always been that way with Moby .
5 One of the difficulties with interpreting Small World visually had been that , like many of his texts , it features extended literary pastiche .
6 The irrational thought almost occurs that Shakespeare could n't have been that smart if he did n't realise that he had here a performer who can turn sows ' ears into silk purses , and silk purses into live butterflies .
7 Of all the proposed mega-mergers this year , the only success has been that of Ernst & Young , which merged all its significant practices expect for Canada .
8 The result has been that sterling has become very expensive to borrow , but there is still far too much of it , and the supply is still increasing too fast .
9 Typical of the complaints had been that of David Fletcher , a Wirral councillor , who said his constituents ‘ objected most strongly to subsidising the extravagancies of hard-left councils like Liverpool ’ .
10 Like I was saying to one of the men in the section who has n't been that co-operative , like , I 'm only here for a year and you all know more than I will ever know about policing .
11 His mainstream career prior to 1917 had been that of a journalist .
12 I did n't realise then that The Dave Clark Five had been that enormous in the States .
13 ‘ If the mistakes had been that obvious there were people around me to tell me where I had gone wrong , but they did n't .
14 The immediate reason seems to have been that Indian painters working for some of the Spanish and criollo masters complained of mistreatment .
15 The general view has been that theoria is the engine driving the historical development of science and that praxis is merely the application of theoria .
16 When he was young his hair had been that flaxen gold too , as soft and as fine .
17 Bardsley put his teacup down and said in a melancholy voice , ‘ I was thinking of taking him into partnership , but business has n't been that good lately .
18 The result has been that ‘ investment at the highest levels ever ’ has come from fares , not from any public purse , and that an ‘ economic ’ system has become unsafe as BR and LRT weigh up commercial investment needs against the cost of safety measures and the cost of paying wages sufficient to maintain a safe level of staffing .
19 Do n't skimp on it , because the experience of great Christians has been that without it we can not grow into Christian maturity .
20 ’ One traditional way of discovering God 's will had been that of the biblical sortes — the question would be posed and the Bible then opened at random .
21 The main symbol of death had long been that of the old man holding a familiar rural implement , the scythe , implying that man would be cut down when he was ripe for it .
22 In the twentieth century the most dramatic political collapse has been that of the Liberal Party .
23 The dog had n't barked so it could n't have been that , because he did n't miss any strange sound .
24 The reason I cover my head is difficult to explain , because it 's always been that way .
25 I wanted it to be that I had n't really been that big before I left — in other words , prove them wrong .
26 ‘ She has always been that way , ever since she was a little girl , ’ says another of those close to her , Kylie 's great aunt , Mrs Thomas Riddiford .
27 I imagined Perkin threading along that trail at night , following the paint quite easily as he 'd been that way already in daylight , and being secretly pleased with himself because if he had inadvertently left any traces of his passage the first time they could be explained away naturally by the second .
28 If only it had been that nice John Smith , with his twinkling accountant 's eyes and trust-me smile .
29 In 805 Charles chose one chieftain to reign as his vassal king , and bestowed upon him the ancient title of Chagan , which had originally been that of the independent High King of the Avars .
30 One of the most popular trends has been that of Drama Games .
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