Example sentences of "[is] [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Keepers can have the one off season … to be fair this season AFAIK he s only made the one ‘ howler ’ .
2 ‘ … there s only one Gordon Strachan … ’
3 ‘ im dreaming of a white christmas ’ — also shouts like ‘ souness for sunderland ’ ‘ andy cole — he gets the ball — he scores a goal — andy , andy cole ’ ( or something like it ) ‘ there s only one terry butcher ’ ( well not any more — he left sunderland last week )
4 Ok … that s enough laughing ( for now ) .
5 Id only just been telling my girlfriend my favourite quip about how he only scores because he s SO ugly he scares the defenders .
6 They do nt even create his goals — he s just got that luck/knack of being in the right place for deflections etc .
7 IS-DEPENDENT-ON usually the operating system and computer type
8 He s 37 for christs sake and yet he s always getting back to defend .
9 He s always encouraging the team .
10 Even if it has nt , and your figure for the south stand is right , that s still more than 39 thousand .
11 He s still there .
12 It 's hard work building a nest , but there s still time to stop and share a tit bit .
13 The notion that parents can exert a particularly profound influence during the first few years — an influence that will remain throughout life and can not be eradicated by subsequent experience-is certainly widespread .
14 That s past him hopefully , and he s also playing with more confidence …
15 The final alleged change — that of growing equality within the family-is perhaps the most controversial and the one which is most challenged by contemporary feminist writers who argue that the family is , and continues to be , the major unit sustaining the exploitation and subordination of women .
16 Here , Parsons points out , the task of socialization may be much simpler in our culture for girls , because the role-model — the mother-is usually close at hand around the home and the daughter can imitate her behaviour much more readily .
17 The table setting-china , glass , cutlery , linen-is as much a part of dining room decoration as the furniture and framework .
18 What remains to be said here is that the objection-that science does not involve causal and other nomic connections-is sometimes a part of something more general and by its nature more difficult to deal with : scientific scepticism about philosophy and its categories .
19 He scores a few goals , AND he s now their pen taker .
20 So that s now reference and there is a project review meeting as there is a quantitative work .
21 There s now hope that after three years in jail , Poole and Mills will once again get a chance to defend themselves , in court .
22 While Mustakimzade is probably right that Fahreddin Acemi taught at Murad II 's Darulhadis , as will be shown , his construction of events-that Fahreddin Acemi taught there and then became Mufti on the death of Molla Fenari-is most unlikely since the Darulhadis of Murad II seems not to have been completed until 23 Sha'ban 838/24 March 1435 .
23 Aside from the money spent before this season ( ie Shearer et al ) he has spent 3M on warhurst , 2.75 on batts , and is still looking to get flowers 2M+ That s over 7M spent , and who has left ?
24 Aside from the money spent before this season ( ie Shearer et al ) he has spent 3M on warhurst , 2.75 on batts , and is still looking to get flowers 2M+ That s over 7M spent , and who has left ?
25 I was just dithering , trying to see what the new keys were , when I thought ‘ shit , unless I can send it , there s no point me carrying on ’ .
26 The early stages of the rise of Venice arc obscure and ill-documented ; but when it comes into the light of day it is ruled already by a duke or doge popularly elected , yet normally chosen from , and dependent on , the great families of the Rialto , the chief island of the archipelago on which Venice is crazily and romantically constructed .
27 Unfortunately everyone else will be doing the same thing and if one end is blatantly favoured then it is likely to be crowded .
28 From the results of medical evidence it is blatantly obvious that lead in the atmosphere must be reduced .
29 According to its remit from the 1986 Agriculture Act , MAFF is supposed to balance the needs of conservation with agriculture , which it is blatantly not doing .
30 In I Love Lucy ( currently viewable on Channel 4 on Friday afternoons ) , the heroine 's living room is blatantly a theatrical set .
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