Example sentences of "[is] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 Each user-supplied entry line ( except for the keywords HEADER-FORMAT-IS , MODULE-TYPE-IS , MODULE-NAME-IS , TITLE-IS and DESCRIPTION-LINES-ARE ) must be indented by at least two spaces from the initial keyword position , but there is no restriction on the position of other fields within the same entry .
2 Sunderland are shite at the moment but that s because all four of their new signings were injured in a car crash .
3 Time-Is and Time-to-come . ’
4 Action : Keyword DESCRIPTION-IS , CODE-IS or BINARY-IS not found or wrongly spelt .
5 The two largest union federations , Turk-Is and Hak-Is , which organized the strike , demanded an increase of 500 per cent in workers ' pay and called for an end to restrictive labour laws .
6 Later the trade unions Turk-Is and the Genel Maden-Is challenged the version of events which referred to a sudden surge in the level of methane gas and said that human negligence was probably responsible .
7 This will include any module whose DESCRIPTION-IS and CODE-IS classification begins with either TOP or CONF .
8 its DESCRIPTION-IS and CODE-IS classification in the configuration file satisfies both the description and code filter .
9 Assuming DOL comes back to full fitness that leaves us with DOL , Newsome , Wetherall , Fairclough and Jobson for effectively 2 places , and that s before we start looking at the youth team players .
10 Clive James , whose Observer column had made him the doyen of television critics in the Seventies , wrote ; ‘ One has been kept from previous series of Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em by its awful title , but it is time to say what everybody is saying-that the show is a must .
11 ‘ Thirdly it is true , as the judgments in the Court of Appeal point out , that ex parte applications are frequently made to the courts and granted without hearing the party affected : but merely to say this overlooks that procedure invariably exists , and is where necessary invoked , for enabling the party affected rapidly to seek annulment or amendment of the order made against him .
12 . This is where the posh chaps sat .
13 Now where that centre of that V is where the black ball will go .
14 In particular , when n = 5 there are five equivalence classes , namely unc Note that ( i ) two integers a , b lie in the same ( equivalence ) class iff unc ( mod 5 ) , that is iff 5\a — b or , again , iff a = b + 5k for some k ε Z ; and that ( ii ) although the notation unc is most natural , these equivalence classes can also be denoted , respectively , by , for instance , unc and
15 There is now plenty of choice for the investor who knows what he or she wants to invest in , but there is still something of a vacuum for investors with less than £50,000 which they want to put into shares directly .
16 For the reading parent there is now plenty of help .
17 All that I have , and all that I am is now yours , I invest it in you , it is yours .
18 Whether it is or not , the poem can be called distinctive — distinctive both of Larkin and of Amis .
19 The protestant version has variants as to how pure this church is or whether it remains sinful , but the evangelical version which is the basic one in the North of Ireland opts absolutely for ‘ Jesus Saves ’ ; the community , no longer medium of salvation , tends to take on a visible , earthly role , an occasion of grace and a support for religious ‘ this-worldly ’ activity .
20 possess any secret official code word , or password , or sketch , plan , model , article , note , document or information which relates to or is used in a prohibited place or anything in such a place , or which has been made or obtained in contravention of this Act , or which has been entrusted in confidence to him by any person holding office under Her Majesty or which he has obtained or to which he has had access owing to his position as a person who is or has been employed under a person who holds or has held such an office or contract — [ and who ] ( a ) communicates the code word , pass word , sketch , plan , model , article , note , document , or information to any person other than a person to whom he is authorised to communicate it , or a person to whom it is in the interest of the State his duty to communicate it , or ( aa ) uses the information in his possession for the benefit of any foreign power or in any other manner prejudicial to the safety or interests of the State , or ( b ) retains the sketch , plan , model , article , note , or document in his possession or control when he has no right to retain it or when it is contrary to his duty to retain it , or fails to comply with all directions issued by lawful authority with regard to the return or disposal thereof , or …
21 It is similarly tempting to think of the colour image as hovering in the background , somehow anticipated by the mind ; but this is a metaphor , for the image either is or is not in consciousness .
22 But even if one is not antagonised by the appalling monotony of Mr. Lawrence 's theme , under all its splendid variations , one still turns away with the judgement : ‘ this is not my world , either as it is or as I should wish it to be . ’
23 Notions of the freedom and autonomy of the self are at one and the same time inverted and used to pervert the ethical and metaphysical values which such a self is or was supposed to instantiate .
24 According to the Chancellor , Nigel Lawson , in his Mais Lecture in june 1984 : ‘ It is the conquest of inflation , not the pursuit of growth and employment , which is or should be the objective of macro-economic policy . ’
25 They do have a medical examination as part of the process of coming here and in the course of that medical examination it is sometimes disclosed that a woman is or is not a virgin , and that is sometimes noted on the medical report and from time to time some ECO 's have used that piece of evidence in making a decision about the relationship of the wife ; I have always condemned it and by and large it does not happen .
26 By then the ‘ monster ’ has gone through many transformations , unable to decide who he is or which of his many disguises represents the true ‘ him ’ ; but he can only find liberty by killing the father who sired him .
27 You believe pop is or can be art , but that belief is sustained by only very rare instances .
28 Its Cartesian equation is or where m is an odd number .
29 The voters , it is said , ‘ do not know who he is or what he stands for ’ .
30 One might distinguish three kinds of policy areas in which a country either is or is not sovereign .
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