Example sentences of "[is] [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Keepers can have the one off season … to be fair this season AFAIK he s only made the one ‘ howler ’ .
2 ‘ … there s only one Gordon Strachan … ’
3 ‘ im dreaming of a white christmas ’ — also shouts like ‘ souness for sunderland ’ ‘ andy cole — he gets the ball — he scores a goal — andy , andy cole ’ ( or something like it ) ‘ there s only one terry butcher ’ ( well not any more — he left sunderland last week )
4 Check out Ian Marshalls rating … he s down as a central defender .
5 Thames Valley police caught one hundred and fifty four … that s down on last years one hundred and ninety nine .
6 All Ill say is I suggest you get hold of a video of any match he s in , and try and concentrate on him .
7 Ok … that s enough laughing ( for now ) .
8 Id only just been telling my girlfriend my favourite quip about how he only scores because he s SO ugly he scares the defenders .
9 el-Kefevi of the early sources even places him in Edirne , writing that he was appointed by Murad II to one of the Uc Serefeli medreses there in 855/1451 It is only right to emphasize , however , that negative evidence of this sort the fact that an appointment is not mentioned-is not a wholly dependable guide when dealing with the since it can by no means be relied upon to provide a complete account of a scholar 's career .
10 From this perspective the previously existing moral order is not seen as being wholly positive , and consequently its destruction — for both the conservative- and liberal-historians identify such a process-is not necessarily perceived as being problematic .
11 They do nt even create his goals — he s just got that luck/knack of being in the right place for deflections etc .
12 Is Olsen then going to drop him from the next side if he s not playing in Leeds first team ?
13 When they do go , spit will have one hell of a job rebuilding that side — and he s not good enough to do it .
14 As a confirmed anti-wilkoite I may agree with his sentiments on lack of flair , but that s not really the point is it ?
15 Also , in Deanos support , He does work hard and effectively even when he s not scoring .
16 Considering we ve got such shit players and shit management that s not bad is it .
17 If he s standing on the half way line — picking his arse there s a good chance that he s not been told to do that .
18 Well , I think he was good player — but playing in that Liverpool side was nt difficult , and he s not really played for any other side so its hard to tell exactly how good he is .
19 There s not much in the way of creation to be done against a blanket defence … all you can do is try to get behind them by getting it wide … which we did until the final ball .
20 He IS good at one on ones , but that s not enough .
21 Its just a pity there s not a better song to really get at the SCUM supporters , that does nt perhaps offend the older generation who WERE alive at the time .
22 Speed was a little disappointing — he s not quite shaken off pre season yet .
23 His balls forward were nt too good … that s not what he is there for .
24 Im not saying Mel is fast — he ai nt … but he s not as slow as he looks ( he played right wing for Sheff Wed — the same size ) .
25 He s not actually signed yet … so this may be all a bit premature .
26 Action : Keyword LANGUAGE-IS , CODE-CHARACTERISTIC or IS-DEPENDENT-ON not found or wrongly spelt .
27 Action : Keyword DESCRIPTION-IS , CODE-IS or BINARY-IS not found or wrongly spelt .
28 IS-DEPENDENT-ON usually the operating system and computer type
29 He s 37 for christs sake and yet he s always getting back to defend .
30 He s always encouraging the team .
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