Example sentences of "[vb infin] you " in BNC.

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1 Rhiannon does n't know ya , you must be on your best behaviour with her
2 Just one thing dough do n't buy ya in this town , fella ; total silence .
3 And then , I mean , 'cos we dare n't say that to accountant know , to have 'ouse valued , 'cos what 's point in , I mean , anybody said to us , er , get it sent off , you 'll find , you 're , somebody will insure ya .
4 ‘ I 'm going tae fuck ye proper . ’
5 He aften did assist ye ,
6 Once you have reached a knowledgeable level , and modestly let the fact be known , other people will seek you out .
7 One poet wrote a poem called the Hound of Hell in which he pictures Francis Thompson , the na name of the poet , in which he he pictures Je , er God pursuing men and women down through the corridors and labyrinths of time , down throughout their life , relentlessly pursuing and no matter how much you try and give God the slip , there he is , he will pursue you , he will seek you out , he desires to ca , for you to come to know him , and you can not get rid of God that easily !
8 ‘ There 'd be the official ceremony , then the men would take the new person off and say , now we 're going to really initiate you . ’
9 But er gosh , you , you made me jump you !
10 I said that I 'm he says er I said to her Dave here told me I should jump you !
11 Let me chop you that much , you eat up that
12 Once you have let anybody in they 'd chop you up and put you in their next stew
13 ‘ I did n't know you were a doctor , ’ she said .
14 This is especially important during the first few weeks of pregnancy when you might not even know you are pregnant .
15 You may not even know you have had it .
16 ‘ I did n't know you were a secret football fan .
17 Do I know you ?
18 I did n't know you could get it insured .
19 I did n't speak to you before because I did n't know you .
20 ‘ I did n't know you had a car , ’ she said with surprise when they reached the road .
21 ‘ You should know you 'll not change your father now and he means everything for the best for the whole house , ’ she argued forcibly but the strain was showing on her own drawn , anxious features .
22 Most eventually got honorary Lifetime Achievement Awards — alias the ‘ Whoops , sorry , we forgot you ’ Oscars , or even ‘ Whoops , sorry , we did n't know you were still around ’ , as happened to Sophia Loren in January , thirty years after she won Best Actress for Two Women .
23 It did n't pay to let a woman know you cared , or rather that your body did .
24 You 'll have to let them know you 've been called up . ’
25 ‘ I did n't know you were goin' to go and walk into another bloody bog last night and get all the sandwiches wet , did I ? ’
26 ‘ How do we know you 're telling the truth ? ’
27 ‘ Dammit , Malamute , I feel I know you , have known you , for a long time .
28 Do n't you know you can trust me ? ’
29 There had been long periods when I could only enter you and come in you by secretly pretending to myself that I did not know you , that you were a tart I had picked up in a bar — or on the street corner .
30 ‘ He did n't know you then . ’
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