Example sentences of "[vb mod] give " in BNC.

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1 ln all three types of work choreographers must give the dancers reasons for their movements .
2 They too wish to display their dancers ' bodies at their fullest extension , therefore they must give them time , rhythm and space in which to move .
3 Borrowers who underpay tax if interest rates rise must give any unpaid interest to the Revenue in the subsequent 12 months .
4 Parties to CITES must give the secretariat the finances with which to do its job and not oblige it to raise its own funds in ways which lead to question and criticism . ’
5 Employees must give you their NI number when you ask for it .
6 You must give the total gross SSP payments you have made to each employee on your P14 End-of-Year Return .
7 You must give this form to your employee .
8 Beau Ranger , as expected , has top weight of 12st and must give 24lb to Prize Asset .
9 To die , to sleep ; To sleep : perchance to dream : aye , there 's the rub ; For in that sleep of death what dreams may come When we have shuffled off this mortal coil , Must give us pause .
10 French ministers must give up their seats to substitutes , who then have to wait a month before they may vote .
11 Except under special circumstances the parents , guardians , or persons liable to contribute to the support of the child must give their consent to the adoption .
12 In order to redeem , the mortgagor must give six months ’ notice or pay six months ’ interest .
13 He agreed to pay them but told Gina she must give some Italian lessons or something in future if she wanted to treat herself to things like that .
14 Many dictate that you must give up your smelly , messy , untrained child-eater ( their opinion , not ours ) before you may be considered lucky enough to be offered lodgings .
15 In the 1080s , when Archbishop Siegfried of Mainz wanted to retire to become a monk , his cathedral clergy wrote to him in horror , stressing a traditional view : ‘ Nothing in the world surpasses the life of a bishop ; every monk or recluse and every hermit , as being of lesser importance , must give way to him . ’
16 When he says , ‘ I must give over this life ’ , you know he wo n't .
17 Must give ye the question ! ’ he grinned sheepishly and staggered back a step .
18 Some 30 named attendees heard a long and detailed speech from the Mayor in which he hinted that ‘ for reasons which he need not go into they must give up all idea of the links becoming the property of the town ’ .
19 I must give you my personal assurances that this infant is receiving perfect care .
20 ‘ The public at large must give grave consideration to a … a grave matter .
21 ‘ We must give Dr. Briant a fair hearing first , please , but since the point has been raised — Dr. Briant ? ’
22 The biggest conflicts looming over negotiations for a climate treaty , which begins this month , involve the money that rich countries must give to poor ones to enable them to develop with reduced CO 2 emissions .
23 Gollum must give Siegfried his ring back .
24 ‘ I owe him my life so I must give him my life .
25 Soon simplicity must give way to sophistication .
26 The so-called White Memorandum ( March 1942 ) proposed that in such districts the Churches ( in practice , the Church of England ) must give up their schools .
27 We must give place ( oh grievous case ) to horned beasts and cattle ,
28 I 'm beginning to think we must give a very chilly welcome to visitors here .
29 Before he can deal with them systematically he must give them some permanence of form .
30 The horse must give to the rider 's hand , of course , but it is the bringing of the hocks under the horse which allow the horse to lower his head .
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