Example sentences of "[that] know " in BNC.

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1 Plato argued that to know yourself was the very essence of knowledge .
2 Its interest , as will already be clear , is that it offers a prospect of closing the gap between fact and value , bypassing the issue of whether or how one can draw prescriptive conclusions from descriptive premisses alone : it affirms the apparently naive claim that to know how to act I have only to be sufficiently aware of myself and my surroundings .
3 these values have to have an intrinsically prescriptive character , so that to know them is necessarily to have the will affected in a certain way .
4 Thus I might argue that to know you must be certain , but that one can never be really certain and hence one can never really know .
5 Let me send my offerings where I can not go ; my pains to comfort sufferers whom I will never see ; and my sacrifices to help plant the Cross in lands that know not yet of the Crucified .
6 ‘ You have to hire people that know how to work the equipment , who know how to repair things .
7 In her most fundamental expression , the Queen of the Night draws on primitive currents of energy and uses them to fulfil instinctive drives that know little of honour , justice , compassion , or other civilized values .
8 There are stories , however , that know the depths of these fears , take their readers into them , into the experience , and then out through the other side .
9 ‘ I definitely appreciate bands that know their limits and stay within them , ’ says Albini , citing Kentucky 's Slint as a particular favourite .
10 Sorry to burden you with another Europroblem , but with the growth in cross-border activity , we are getting more and more bright-eyed young journalists that know a foreign language and report back from continental press conferences the English equivalent of exactly what was said in the local language — except that it does n't actually mean anything in English : an august journal — no names to spare any blushes — reports that the boss of IBM Deutschland GmbH said with regard to the company 's figures ‘ we made a decision to place a burden on our financial balance in order to ensure a healthier future ’ …
11 Those canny souls that know how often these things fall at the last hurdle can stop holding their breath and relax over Tadpole Technology Plc 's deal to do a Power RISC-based notebook for IBM Corp : IBM has paid £325,000 for 500,000 new Tadpole shares at what is now the bargain issue price of 65p , which at last week 's price of 224 pence gives it an instant paper profit of £795,000 ; it also gets warrants for 2.22m more shares at the same price to take it to 12.9% .
12 When I came off , I felt I needed to sort of keep in touch , sort of speaking to people that know what 's going on and know what 's going on in ex-users ' heads , y'know .
13 It helps sort of talking to people that know the score and that .
14 Insects hiding on the trunks and branches of trees represent an equally rich harvest for those animals that know how to gather them .
15 And the more people that know what good work we do the better .
16 Not really , it does n't annoy me but I know there are some like women older than me in in my office that know they 're not gon na get anywhere because it 's all men .
17 Standing lonely and remote in a geographical position roughly half way between the Orkneys and Shetland Islands people that know Fair Isle would perhaps agree that on most days it rather belies a somewhat optimistic name .
18 It will be argued here that the above-noted tendency of the infinitival construction to imply greater subjectivity and possibility of doubt indicates that know is being evoked not just as the state of " being aware of a fact " in these uses but also as the condition for being able to attribute to the direct object of know the event denoted by the infinitive .
19 I think it 's fair to say that know more about it than I do , but there has been a High Court case recently which has , seems to have er torpedoed the er prospect of er including affordable housing in new housing deals , so I 'm informed .
20 I 'm mean they 've got export people that know about that , and E C people one of those things .
21 But er do you quite like singing for folk that know you ?
22 folk folk that know you either w might be too critical or they might just switch off because they have heard it before .
23 is your faculties that know , if there was something that went out it would n't be conscious would it , it 'd be unconscious , so you would n't actually be conscious , you 're conscious is your brain working with your body , working with your mind and everything , it 's , that 's why you 're conscious , when you 're
24 Well she was staying overnight at some wee girl 's house and I 'd say well that 's alright as long as you 're as long as , you know , that know the wee girl 's mother maybe , she 's a daughter a wee bit older than Lindsey herself who had the , but no this mother see she was divorced and going with these men and let her daughter stay out to half eleven , and Lindsey was , n was n't in her house till half eleven .
25 The only people that know are you , him , and Claire .
26 I said now there 's three more of us that know that he 's not paying poll tax
27 Cos there 's all of us that know now , she knows .
28 The important thing for people new to the business , you 're rubbing shoulders with people that know the business , and it 's your opportunity to say hey , I 've heard about you , I think ooh , you 're important , and hello .
29 The first thing is erm those of you that know this area will know that it 's er not like the rest of Hampshire er leaving aside Southampton .
30 Any of my old school friends in Wallingford that know me er well they 'll just never believe that I can run 26 miles because I do n't know if when you were at school , but when er when we used to have a cross-country run I was the one at the back and usually the P E instructor used to go round and whack us with a slipper , you know the slow ones and I was unfortunately one of those , but er now I 've been running with the Bicester Road Runners for what 2 years , er half , I 've done a few half marathons , nothing anywhere near 26 miles , I 've , my furthest run until yesterday was 16 miles , and yesterday , injured , with a bandage round my knee , I managed 18 miles , and I 'm pleased to say it 's still holding out and I 'm quietly confident that I 'm going to complete this , and like I say , if I can er well , just get the local businesses in Bicester interested and to support me , I say however small , just a , you know , if they , a penny a mile from just a few of the businesses in Bicester and , well , the Bible school could have , you know , a few pounds coming to them , which I 'm sure they 'd be , you know , greatly received .
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