Example sentences of "[vb mod] [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Under the 1988 Act , such a statement may disapply or modify the application of any or all of the provisions of the National Curriculum for the pupils for whom the statement is made .
2 A licensing board may disapply the section to premises at any time if they cease to be satisfied that the requirements of the proviso to subs .
3 Both at home and at school , methodologies may fundamentally obstruct the negotiation of meaning and , in doing so , reduce the likelihood of deaf children enriching their language skills .
4 The medical profession is supporting one of the main foundations of the strategy — the clinical terms project — which in the longer term may fundamentally change the way in which doctors work .
5 Beecham 's comments are worthy of repetition : ‘ these two Concertos have a refinement and distinction that never fails to fall fragrantly on the ear , and offers to the musical amateur , who may feel at times that the evolution of his art is becoming a little too much for either his understanding or enjoyment , a soothing retreat where he may effectively rally his shattered forces ’ .
6 The making of a bankruptcy order may effectively lead to a professional no longer being able to practise in his or her profession , and therefore all possibility of income generation would be lost .
7 Hobbies , learning , the new role itself , more available time to spend with family and friends may effectively do this .
8 Tadpoles normally feed on plankton and decaying plant material suspended in the water and shoals may effectively stir up the debris at the bottom of the pond , thus adding to the food supply .
9 Because of the decline of public transport , it is often no longer possible for those who do not have access to personal transport ( their own or shared ) to commute daily to and from rural settlements ; these people and places may effectively be isolated .
10 Buying process roles are considered , and attention is then turned to the issue of how suppliers may effectively sell products to Companies using multi-individual buying procedures .
11 The Marketing Mix may effectively be described and analysed on the basis of the Four P's .
12 The federal environment ministry opposes such developments , but can not intervene without the support of the state government , and fears that the park may effectively cease to exist .
13 In some cases a party may effectively exclude liability by including a comprehensive list of the duties it undertakes and making it clear that the list is exclusive .
14 Goldthorpe 's crisp conclusion is that ‘ relative mobility rates … have remained generally unaltered ; and the only trends that may arguably be discerned … are indeed ones that would point to a widening of differences in class chances . ’
15 3.24.85 ; Zon. 7.21.9 ) ; though this , too , may arguably be a Hellenistic intrusion into a Roman ceremonial .
16 The walk to be described may most conveniently be undertaken by two parties , each with transport : one car should be parked at the roadside quarry at Aisgill , and the other at Birkdale Summit .
17 Thus , realism may most readily be viewed as a reaction to the attempt to construct a formal science of law founded on what may be termed the case method ; that is , the assumption that , by close examination of past judicial decisions , the basic principles of law could be deduced .
18 We may most easily reveal the power of these influences on Dicey 's thought by posing what from a contemporary perspective seems to be a major difficulty with Dicey 's theory : how do we reconcile the twin principles of parliamentary sovereignty and the rule of law ?
19 To our interjection that on the evidence from Poland and other European countries under Russian domination , applied Marxism had neither created the wealth nor allowed the freedom to enable the purpose , as it is perceived in the democratic west , of the State to be realised — that is , to provide the circumstances in which the individual may most fully live a life of his or her own and so fulfill his or her potential for awareness and creativity , he would reply that that perception was mistaken ; and go on to remind us that he had attached supreme importance to the State .
20 These enhancements may most obviously be a matter of adding value to commercial offerings through images and sound .
21 Henley is keen to consult nominating organisations to determine how candidates may most usefully develop themselves and benefit their organisations .
22 Those commentators who blame Labour for not pursuing an alternative set of more socially just proposals in the conditions of August 1931 ought rather to blame the electorate for not giving Labour sufficient support to form a majority government in 1929 .
23 Another flawed but striking recent movie is DOA ( Buena Vista ) , an update from the creators of Max Headroom of the classic 1949 thriller of the same name , which may detrimentally alter the plot of the original but boasts nonetheless some arresting high-tech intimations of neo-expressionist atmosphere .
24 The French national policy of encouraging younger people into farming may slowly lead to changing attitudes as older , more traditional ways fade .
25 It follows that the Convention is not a direct protection for freedom of speech in Britain : it is a persuasive and educative force which , if media interests have the patience and determination to seek rulings from Strasbourg , may slowly shape the operation of British law in favour of public interest reporting .
26 So , if the buyer does , he can not complain of defects which he ought thereby to have discerned .
27 Drug testing also may disproportionally victimise members of racial minority groups whose subcultures sanction casual marijuana smoking , reversing much of the progress that has been made in eliminating employment discrimination .
28 These are accumulated over many years and may vigorously colour the way we respond to all kinds of situations today .
29 A film is made up of a series of shots that may be photographed over various periods of time ; a ‘ take ’ that may have originally started out as three or four minutes in length may eventually be edited to a ten second shot .
30 Many may eventually be able to work from home rather than commute to an office .
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