Example sentences of "[vb mod] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 They may reawaken memories of happier times-'my husband would have done that in five minutes ' .
2 A friend failing to turn up for a date may reawaken deep-seated fears of abandonment .
3 The boy who has no dad , for instance , may paint dads all over the place ; the one with a new baby sister may leave her out altogether .
4 " Bring him down to see us , " they say , " and we 'll tell him how he can and ought to claim for you . "
5 One : the gifts and calling of the Holy Spirit given that we may attain unity and maturity ( 4:1–16 ) .
6 It only has the force of a recommended practice whereas I believe it should have the full force of a standard , but at least it is there and perhaps in the fullness of time it may attain higher status .
7 At maximum it may attain magnitude 5 , but at minimum it falls to below 12 .
8 Mud volcanoes are rather more impressive features which may attain elevations of up to 100 m , eruptions of mud arising from the heating of shallow ground water .
9 The figures may be better , but a sense of directionless malaise in America may hurt Mr Bush harder .
10 We are sometimes scared that , if we tell the other person what we think , we may hurt that person .
11 You may hurt yourself when you hit the ground , or your opponent may be so close that he or she can hit you immediately .
12 It may hurt to hear accusing comments like this — for highly-charged emotions are often linked to equally-highly-charged events , or a series of events , from our past .
13 Do away with the brutality of the ‘ cat ’ , but keep the birch , which may hurt , which will not injure and which will bring ridicule on the person who receives it .
14 This may hurt a little bit .
15 When she touches me , I shall be hers for all time , and when she touches me , I shall be so hungry for her , that I may hurt her .
16 Yeah , I , you may laugh but you see if you 're writing stories for a , for a young child then you 've got to be explicit , you 've got to be colourful and you 've got to talk in a basic language that that child will talk that like that at that age .
17 ‘ You may laugh , Kit , but there are renegades , you know that , among the ruffians on Oualie … ’
18 ‘ You may laugh if you like .
19 The right hon. Member for Sparkbrook may laugh .
20 Oh , you may laugh , being as you are
21 You may laugh , but she was pretty , at least in my eyes .
22 It is a case of dramatic irony when we as readers recognize and share with the fabliau author a knowledge of the " realities " of the fictitious situation denied to the merchant of Orléans and may laugh at the merchant 's misguided belief as a result .
23 You may laugh at this rvolutionary theory BUT I speak from experience .
24 of the most outs , you may laugh , at least you stayed in
25 You may laugh , but already deposits worth £30,000 have been put down for the book and at least 5,000 people have telephoned bookshops to express an interest .
26 You may laugh !
27 Later Duhamel and his team were visited by an immaculate Inspector-General who told them they really ought to plant a few flowers around the gloomy station .
28 There are , for instance , mnemonic devices in oral cultures which offer some resistance to this process : ‘ formalised patterns of speech , recital under ritual conditions , the use of drums and other musical instruments , the employment of professional remembrancers — all such factors may shield at least part of the content of memory from the transmuting influence of the immediate pressures of the present ’ ( 1968 , p. 31 ) .
29 We have seen , for instance , that the magnitude of transaction costs in the market for control may shield all but the most egregious cases of management failure .
30 His view , however , is implicitly gradualist — ‘ a temporal progressive sequence of changes within an evolutionary lineage ’ — and there is no indication of the extensive palaeontological literature of the past decade suggesting an alternative punctuational view , that species may evolve relatively rapidly and then remain unchanged for long periods .
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