Example sentences of "[v-ing] to " in BNC.

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1 Each building along the Hammersmith Road is a mishmash of tired cliches , from mirrored wall glazing to low brick walls studded with small withered plants separating entrances from pavement .
2 Basler have chosen to alter the cabin glazing to porthole style .
3 That is to say , there is no subterfuge implied in such an action , and I for one had no intention of overhearing to the extent I did that evening .
4 So before leaping to his defence I waited until another column appeared , which I have tried to read in a less partisan manner .
5 The sight of dozens of photographers leaping to their lenses every time she opened her front door made her giggle .
6 Nonetheless , Zuwaya were not immune , in their nostalgia for those not wholly imaginary days , from leaping to the assumption that , because there was no sovereign power , no person was subject to authority .
7 A refinement of the design of the Cambridge bridge over the original was the incorporation of wrought-iron latticework in the unglazed windows to prevent the lovelorn emulating their Latin counterparts by leaping to their deaths in the river .
8 Leaping to his feet , Angel charged Luke , about to drag him off his horse .
9 I exclaimed , leaping to my feet as lightning wrapped the turret , shaking the very stones ( and putting a lid on the purple prose ) .
10 ‘ You can just shut up , ’ said Camille , leaping to her friend 's defence , for she would not permit a male to speak ill of her .
11 ’ Posi ’ I yelled , leaping to my feet .
12 ‘ Hang on a minute , ’ said Melissa , restraining Dora in the act of leaping to her feet .
13 Claudia said , all her instincts leaping to attention .
14 ‘ Righto , ’ Dad would say , leaping to his feet with the zest of a thirty-year-old .
15 The American show includes film of people leaping to death from blazing buildings and other sickening true stories .
16 Hector , waking abruptly , looked up and set up a joyous barking , leaping to his feet and wagging a curly tail .
17 ‘ You fool ! ’ she cried , leaping to her feet and gesturing frenziedly with both hands .
18 Moreover , we may point out that even if corresponding attributive and predicative adjectives ( occurring with the same noun ) could be relied on to share the same referential locus , that would be no justification for leaping to an assertion that the two elements are actually " the same " tout court , and even less for claiming that the structural positions they occupy are alternative forms of each other .
19 Leaping to left and right ,
20 Do n't go too near the water ! ’ she called out before leaping to her feet and running over to where the twins were feeding some ducks at the edge of the Serpentine .
21 ‘ I think , before you start leaping to conclusions , you ought to ask your mother about it .
22 ‘ I 'm saying nothing of the kind , ’ snapped Penry , leaping to his feet .
23 Flames leaping to thirty feet in the air were reported just off the road at Wheatley causing a stretch of the road to be closed all day .
24 Only the pre-lunch session was possible on the second day , drizzle intensifying to heavy rain which even penetrated the Press-box roof just as Cornhill Insurance were announcing their two-year extension of sponsorship .
25 She spent most of her time weeping and wailing to whoever would listen to her — and she really did go ‘ Boo-hoo ! ’ exactly as it is written in the books .
26 ‘ So , you 're wailing to your father again .
27 He is also carrying an armful of her books and papers , and fielding an orange which rolls free from the overloaded briefcase she is cradling to herself .
28 We we well we 'd love to be able to get get on with our job and er wi with far less interference than we receive at the moment but er when government insists on er on interfering to the extent it does an and there have been well I 've been reading recently so something like five hundred new powers the Education Secretary has given himself in the in over the last last few years .
29 It is hard to escape the implication that a major source of this taboo is the sense that the priest kneeling down and washing women 's ‘ naked ’ feet would be somehow both sexual and polluting to the sacred .
30 These taboos against women as polluting to male sacred space are very ancient .
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