Example sentences of "[adv] to " in BNC.

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1 He was , par excellence , both Pole and European , looking forward eagerly to the day of the creation of a united Europe — to him the ‘ motherland of motherlands ’ — free from the control of or undue influence from the two super powers .
2 It was lovely that you came , ’ and she took his hand and raised her mouth eagerly to his as he bent to kiss her for the first time .
3 They responded eagerly to the plea for help from their re-attached and perhaps rather intimidated kinsmen .
4 Every one satisfied , and looking forward eagerly to future developments , they cut up the hare and called Farquhar in .
5 ‘ Anne , ’ Christine said eagerly to the surprised Anne , ‘ did n't you say that your daddy could n't get enough mistletoe to sell this Christmas ? ’
6 Brenda looked forward eagerly to the arrival of the Brownie Pack .
7 At nights he imagined she was beside him in bed , naked and wanton , submitting eagerly to his advances .
8 Altogether , the end of the year , with a very happy family Christmas , made us look forward eagerly to the New Year .
9 The tercentenary of the church in Cambridge where we met was to be held in June that year , and we looked forward eagerly to that reunion , and to another reunion in May with friends in the Lake District .
10 The centre of activity by mid-December was Shanghai , where students listened eagerly to the VOA reports about Wuhan and elsewhere .
11 Dissatisfaction and despair regarding domestic crises were strong motivating factors on both occasions as young intellectuals sought solutions to personal and national problems outside of China or as Wang wrote , ‘ looked eagerly to the west for the magic which would solve the problems of their country ’ ( Wang 1928 : 60 ) .
12 Intel Corp is said to be talking eagerly to anyone with cooling technology that could prevent its Pentiums turning personal computers into desktop microwave ovens .
13 The schoolmaster of St. Andrews was ambitious ‘ and aspires eagerly to the dignity of being professor of humanity in this university ’ .
14 I had n't really thought about what I could write , just dashed eagerly to the word processor , my mind meandering enjoyably about the £200 prize .
15 His enthusiasm communicated itself to the voters who responded eagerly to his promise of a " New Deal " , and he polled 22 million votes to Hoover 's 15 million , carrying 42 out of 48 states .
16 Sheldukher turned eagerly to the Cell .
17 There was a great round of applause when the dance ended and , flushed with excitement , Cora-Beth responded eagerly to the pressure of Harry 's hand as he kept possession of hers .
18 Two detective constables walked in and listened eagerly to the latest gossip , glancing over to the superintendent with new animation in their eyes .
19 Cathy was sitting comfortably in the kitchen , talking eagerly to Hareton .
20 The hands Maria had raised to Luke 's shoulders strayed eagerly to the back of his neck and up into the thickness of his dark hair , her fingers pressing themselves to the perfect shaping of his skull as she sought and claimed a deeper kiss , drawing him far into the warm moist depths of her mouth .
21 There , clergy wives , listening eagerly to their husbands ' superiors , would find their feet gripped by apparently supernatural growths from the infernal regions .
22 Some schools looked forward eagerly to whole-school involvement in health :
23 When it was pressed again , doggedly but almost blindly , he struck the questing sword expertly out of the hand that held it , with only the measured force required , and reached a hand eagerly to his adversary as he crumpled to his knees .
24 Gabriel nodded eagerly to himself .
25 However , there is a major problem with the model for real textual data : all references are between nodes mapped statically to a number of data pages with no scope for dynamic variation of unit size in the source and target objects .
26 The applause , scattered at first , thickened , took on a note of real enthusiasm , and tinny music could be heard threading through it , and then J. J. Gerrard was coming through the wide entrance at the back of the dais , his rather fat face heavily serious over his pink shirt , walking purposefully to the chair in the center .
27 We assembled our rods in the shelter of the old boathouse on the south shore and I strode purposefully to the loch , almost as a matter of principal .
28 Without Stannard , Essex failed to convert any of 14 short corners in the final and with him back in the team , they can go purposefully to Cannock on April 17–18 .
29 Inspector Ghote , I once remarked a little pretentiously to an interviewer , c'est moi .
30 It was Susy who took up most of the lunchtime conversation , partly because I probably did n't know enough about the sport to talk about it sensibly to James .
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