Example sentences of "[adv] a " in BNC.

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1 While Solomon is posing as a German soldier , for example , he makes a botched attempt to surrender to the Russians that results in his inadvertently capturing their position — but the irony is passed over in so offhand a fashion that one barely notices it .
2 So she said in as offhand a voice as she could manage , ‘ I met him — briefly .
3 Further upstream a cache of rubbish had been washed against the bank .
4 The females , however , continue upstream a considerable distance .
5 ‘ I thought I might go upstream a bit and wash off some of this dirt , ’ she said evenly , fingering her hair distastefully .
6 At the top of the pillar , the 26-year-old guide picked up a new sack of food and popped across to the Freney face to solo a new direct version of the Central Pillar ( Chris Bonington 's finest hour ) .
7 When I was asking them which was their favourite area , not unsurprisingly a couple of them mentioned the Lake District — anytime except in the summer holidays .
8 Furthermore a drop ’ in maintenance spending is also likely as both the landlord 's means and incentive to spend money on the property are reduced .
9 Furthermore a solicitor 's experience of advocacy is only through magistrates courts and is completely different .
10 Furthermore a student who had a fragile grasp of particular concepts and skills would have a reduced chance of getting much further in a graduated test scheme .
11 Furthermore a citizen can only enforce the cancellation by making a formal objection within one month of notification ; and if that objection is rejected by the authority , the citizen must take legal action within another month .
12 Furthermore a higher proportion of blacks were acquitted after trial , which again suggests insufficient evidence .
13 Furthermore a ‘ Laura Ashley ’ dress was not made according to a man 's stereotype of how a woman should look , although Laura believed that the covered-up , ‘ floaty ’ look was what men liked .
14 Furthermore a difficult transition can prejudice the changers against the new method so that they never appreciate its superiority over the old method .
15 Furthermore a trader will be able to use , as a complete defence , evidence that in the relevant respect , he complied with the requirements of safety regulations or any approved standard of safety .
16 Furthermore a number of the alternative words suggested when using the large lexicon , would be unknown to many native speakers ( e.g. betel , bey , littoral , lour , rentiers , ret ) .
17 Furthermore a clause in the draft of the bill which would have allowed the use of state school premises after school hours for religious instruction had been dropped after the Supreme Soviet had failed to reach agreement on it after passing the whole bill at first reading on Sept. 26 .
18 Furthermore a strong case can be made for arguing that religious commitment is the only way to understand the depths of religion which from the outside may remain sheer enigma .
19 There are lots of things in this erm erm do notice that Locke is emphasising that by the social contract individuals establish a unitary body , a community and furthermore a community which has the capacity to act .
20 For several decades , Panama was juridically a protectorate of the United States , and effectively an American colony .
21 At 2pm a five-mile sponsored walk will be held from the church , finishing at about 4.30pm with refreshments .
22 Christopher sat easily on the corner of his office table his Company Sergeant Major ramrod stiff a pace behind on his right .
23 This is sometimes regarded as old fashioned thinking , unfortunately , and it 's a shame , for although clothes do n't actually make you perform better a good comfortable appearance does give the panel a chance to see how you see yourself and how your body uses clothes .
24 Better a tough general in charge , was their argument , to ensure the stability of the US-Panama relationship , than a weak civilian regime unable to control nationalist hotheads .
25 But the speaker had raised waste as a defence of private enterprise , as an implicit attack on government economic policy , suggesting that the state could only better a free market by open or hidden subsidies .
26 The language has an insistent rhythm , but the better a rapper is the more they break away from it , tease it , play with it .
27 Better a little fish in a big pond than the other way round ? ’
28 But he owed it to Lefevre ; better a friend should do it than a semi-stranger like Davout , or even his commanding officer .
29 Punchbag Better a has-Beam than a never-was
30 Such a move was clearly designed only to better a bad situation rather than remedy it completely , since it would be expected that the availability of refined sugar would be subject to the same seasonal fluctuations as availability of gur , and there is little reason to suspect that refined sugar was more readily available than the ( unrefined ) gur .
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