Example sentences of "[adv] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 Decisions may be reported locally and/or nationally .
2 The accused may admit the exposure was wilful etc. verbally and/or by making a statement under caution .
3 Controls were treated with the corresponding vehicles ( saline subcutaneously and/or olive oil intragastrically ) .
4 A second line of argument advanced on behalf of the doctor to justify his failure to accede to the request of his patient is that the doctor must continue treatment because to do otherwise would render him criminally and/or civilly liable .
5 It is clear that male birds with more complicated repertoires can intimidate rivals more successfully and/or attract mates more readily .
6 The mansion was , he said , ‘ elegantly & completely furnished-with 9 lodging rooms , three parlours & a Hall — in a most beautiful & romantic situation by the sea side ’ .
7 E coli and other enterobacteria were isolated on either Columbia horse blood or MacConkey agars ( Oxoid Ltd ) incubated aerobically or microaerobically at 37°C for between 18 and 48 hours .
8 One is to say that there are subtle differences which explain alleged inconsistencies , as for example between banning experiments altogether or after 14 days yet allowing later abortions .
9 A number of well-known and controversial incidents involving the security services — among them the Benjamin Greene affair , the Hess mission , and the Tyler Kent case — are either omitted altogether or merely mentioned in passing .
10 A few treasure hunters are also acting illegally ( for example , by using a metal detector in Britain on a scheduled ancient monument ) and may therefore sometimes conceal the find spot altogether or even falsify one .
11 Whilst other nations wrestle with the complex problems of a modern democracy , the questions of press ownership , the funding of political parties , wire-tapping , privacy , freedom of information , the control of the security services , and so on , Britain has been content either to stand aside altogether or to legislate for continuing trust and deference .
12 While the problem was recognised as early as the 1930s , when institutions and regulations were created to combat it , these have been either ignored altogether or simply not enforced .
13 If you know you will be with people in the evening too , it would be ideal to have the afternoon away from people altogether or to postpone the evening appointment .
14 Inevitably that produces omissions , and may lead the interpreter to stop altogether or to ask the speaker to slow down .
15 In the second group , 69 per cent thought that other factors were more important than qualifications , and in the third , 75 per cent ignored them altogether or considered them meaningless .
16 Many villages , especially in Persia , which have long been associated with highly sophisticated work , have either ceased weaving altogether or produce so few examples that they now have only an historic relevance to the contemporary scene .
17 Institutional care is one part of a complex range of provision ; while it is right to reduce reliance upon it because of its toxic effects ( which are determined by the quality of care provided and not size alone : Huxley , 1991b ) it must be wrong to remove it altogether or reduce its scale or critical mass so that it ceases to be able to perform those functions which other services can not .
18 Thus the electrons would either escape from the atom altogether or would spiral into the nucleus .
19 The centre represented by UPNI and Alliance had 10,000 votes altogether or about 16% .
20 How might such processes be affected in female readers ' responses to stories about males , which concern traditionally male interests and which frequently exclude them altogether or restrict them to a passive role ?
21 Do you feel that that would have solved the situation on Piper Alpha altogether or how far would it have gone to perhaps lessening the the blow of the the occasion ?
22 Where a defendant is debarred from defending altogether or the whole of his defence is struck out , the plaintiff may have judgment entered for his claim and costs ( N 30 ) ( Ord 22 , r 5 ) .
23 One Tory back-bencher dismissed the VAT proposal as ‘ mental ’ while others predicted that the Government would eventually be forced to scrap it altogether or at least reduce the planned amount .
24 And is that ah er another cricket team altogether or what ?
25 And is that ah er another cricket team altogether or what ?
26 And he 'll either you can either knock he 'll ei , you can either knock some money off , which he 'd accept whatev , mo most or he 'd pay your deposit for you .
27 After that , there being no predestination , it is up to the human being concerned to deal with the problems as they arise — successfully or otherwise .
28 The infantile , unmet scream may be repressed , either successfully or partially , at times breaking out from a normally controlled and reasonable adult .
29 It is n't always straightforward to get , say , Frenchmen and Germans working together successfully or even people from southern Italy working well with those from the north .
30 No one hunted man-eating tigers more assiduously and successfully or knew more about them than Corbett .
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