Example sentences of "[adv] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Slowly Sheila struggled to her feet .
2 Mostly musicians spend their time jerking off in front of others and guitar and bass-playing readers are basically fans of the idea of that , but the truth is that it 's all individual — every neck on every guitar just has to feel a certain way .
3 The judgement , rather settlement , had been effected with speed and secrecy , and begged several questions : Who the controversial compromise ?
4 Eventually Humbert was forced to surrender , handing his sword gravely to the English commander and being treated with all the honours of war and politeness of diplomacy .
5 Right Chairman , yes , the report 's for information , there are a few things to update , occupancy remains healthy , erm , the working total has fallen slightly over the Christmas recess , but erm , really by ten there .
6 One ketos disgorging Jonah has a dolphin 's tail and the head and snout of a boar and with feline feet and presumably claws .
7 Right Jon ?
8 Sociologists of religion frequently appear inexcusably reductionist to those whom they study .
9 Since the electoral registration officer is authorised by statute to sell copies of the electoral register , address lists from this source are fairly and lawfully obtained ; objections to trading in other address lists can be circumvented if , at the time of the initial collection of information , it is made clear that addresses will be passed on unless the data subject expressly objects .
10 A little sheep 's blood , perhaps … chicken , even fish would do .
11 It gets political in its indictment of the corrupt railroad — it ‘ leaves two shiny , slimy tracks like a snail ’ — that is the representation of a rapaciously capitalist civilisation , and dares to traduce Fonda , Monument Valley and sundry rather icons of the Ford universe .
12 Clare works for an estate agent so far up-market it 's mostly estates they deal in , not humble houses , no matter how extensive ; if it does n't boast a couple of salmon rivers , a few square miles of trees and a brace of hills , lochs or lakes , then they just are n't interested .
13 get the bus and I thought , oh er so luckily Lisa sa , like they said , oh do n't be silly we 'll come and get you .
14 ‘ That 's most kind of you , sir . ’
15 ‘ Perhaps … yes , it is most kind of you . ’
16 Yes , would they go back to the same position , quite right Sarah
17 Right Sarah , could you share with Katie , and you two share as well
18 How that 's done I do n't know how do we reach these people there 's a broad sheet that goes to the school 's am I right Jan ?
19 This was mostly afternoon and evening clothes .
20 She was sent to a local predominantly majority school in Washington , and although credible from a political point of view , the move presented the impressionable girl with a confusing and often unstable lifestyle .
21 The barring of non-Estonian citizens , mostly Russians , Ukrainians and Byelarussians , drew protests from the Russian leadership and appeared to fuel tension over the issue of Russian troop withdrawal from Estonia [ see this page ] .
22 Five power stations with fifteen hundred jobs , mostly G M B members .
23 After reaching the Sahn , the highest of the 50-akce medreses , the scholar may become a 500-akce kadi and thence kazasker .
24 Of buildings entirely in fifteenth century style , the chapels are supreme : outstandingly Eton College Chapel ( 1441 ) , King 's College Chapel , Cambridge ( 1446–1515 ) , and S. George 's Chapel , Windsor ( 1475–1509 ) .
25 Luckily Crispins of Curtain Road in London , my main veneer supplier , still had four leaves from the same bundle that I had purchased the original set from .
26 Little Dollie Bell recited a sad ballad entitled At the Stage Door .
27 Though consent is undeniably a defence to an action for conversion , there are difficulties in reconciling this result , sensible as it may seem , with general principles of agency , for since Y's act was unauthorised it could only be effective if done within an ostensible authority — but that doctrine is inapplicable to undisclosed agency .
28 They 're rather weed , I know my two even .
29 Eventually Gurder said , ‘ You 're not trying to find Grandson Richard at all ? ’
30 They spent ages cautiously moving up and down among the wiring , until eventually Gurder said , ‘ It 's no good .
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