Example sentences of "[adv] [adv prt] " in BNC.

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1 Turn left on road then after 30 yds turn right on to enclosed path up steps by National Trust sign for Stockham 's Hill .
2 Their offices faced right on to our living quarters and they were always staring at us .
3 Sunderland will have to wait a little longer before knowing whether to turn left or right on to the M25 .
4 Right on , Jerry .
5 Right on , sisters .
6 Right on .
7 Leaving the rotunda , turn right on to the embankment , Smetanovo nábřeží where there is a fine memorial to Francis II , Emperor of Austria , by J. Kranner , built 1844–6 .
8 He turned right into Caldecott Road , left into Howard 's Avenue , right on to Mainwaring Road and up the wide thoroughfare that led to Wimbledon Hill .
9 They mounted the slight slope and , turning right on to the Westport road , walked towards the village .
10 Robert Montague ( right ) hit a winning streak in the 1980s — and it 's carrying right on into the 1990s .
11 Right on , ’ Charlie said .
12 Many elderly people have a wide range of interests , maintain them — if only through reading — right on into old age , and still enjoy the cut and thrust of discussion and debate ; but we have to accept the fact that for some , the main topics of conversation will be their own and other people 's health , past reminiscences , and family matters .
13 Right on , children
14 I 've got to go right on to the end of whatever all this is , because I ca n't go back .
15 With their sophisticated radio equipment they were able to use satellites to call up airstrikes , then talk the pilots right on to their targets with devastating accuracy .
16 She went right on with twice thirteen is twenty-six , twice fourteen is twenty-eight , twice fifteen is thirty , twice sixteen is …
17 Yeah , right on .
18 Yeah , right on .
19 Right on !
20 If all this sounds over-bearingly ‘ right on ’ , it 's not : and that is the strength and beauty of it .
21 ‘ Here we are , ’ announced the Brigadier , emerging suddenly from his world of private woes and turning right on to a grassy track running between two olive groves .
22 There is no way out of the Upper Kirk other than scrambling to the left or right on to the higher ground .
23 You 've only got to look at history … slavery which led into colonialism which developed into full-blown imperialism , right on up to the present-day immigration policies .
24 I 'd promised myself not even to think about Julie Burchill again , let alone mention her ( yeah , right on , Camille , we 're rootin' for ya ) , but I must say that I agree with her that the Best of Young British list would have improved by the addition of an American and someone who 'd written a non-fiction book about football .
25 Dave talked right on and over the start of the lyric , and then made it worse by trying to pretend that his mistake was intentional .
26 So in that sense er very unlikely you would get a an apprentice squad that served their time together and went right on through to retirement age or whatever .
27 He took the wheel after that and drove at a furious speed back to San José , where he turned right on to the Pan-Am .
28 ‘ In that case , come right on in . ’
29 I want you to head right on out of here to D.C. We got a lot of debriefing to do . ’
30 And this carried on , right on well practically until the second war .
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