Example sentences of "[pers pn] be " in BNC.

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1 One of the questions you may be asking yourself is ‘ Can I be taught to act ? ’
2 I be lucky I get any bloke fer more'n two monfs togewer like my ol' lady I suppose an' if I get a bloke 'e 'll be aht a' work or 'e 'll set me ter the bleed'n game like 'er I would n't be surprised but if you reely want ter now jus ' fer now for this minute I wanner enjoy it .
3 ‘ Would I be right in saying that we have n't provided you with what you were looking for when you came here ? ’
4 ‘ Hey , would I be able to get cheap rail travel ? ’
5 ‘ How long would I be able to stay there ? ’
6 Would I be right in thinking that there really are people with ‘ green fingers ’ and should we be doing more to encourage our younger generation to take an active interest in the garden ?
7 Will I be able to meet other childminders ?
8 ‘ Can I be sure you wo n't slip a charm or something worse into the humous .
9 Not only will I be dealing with some of your concerns through ‘ Vet 's Corner ’ , but I am taking them up with the very people who make the food — with some eye-opening results !
10 Why , he asks , ca n't I be more like him , calm , assured ?
11 ‘ May I be among the first to offer my congratulations ? ’
12 ‘ What fiddles could I be in ? ’
13 I myself have five children and in England this raises an eyebrow , but in Kenya I was often asked would I be having another soon .
14 Why else should I be here ?
15 Would I be courageous enough to try it ?
16 They gave a spurious reassurance : so friendly , so warm , so protective ( ‘ … but God is round about me , and shall I be afraid ? ’ the computer within suggested doubtfully , but I rejected the idea at once .
17 Should I be doing anything to control them ?
18 I am leading you along the path I had to tread to find the most suitable disease , for only in this way can I be sure that the reader understands the nature of the ultimate decision and the ludicrousness of any attempt to confuse it with my own stick and gloves or any prior misinformation regarding the state of my own health .
19 ‘ How can I be feeling sorry for myself , when I should be sad that he has died ? ’
20 I 've got this friend who is slim , and she keeps saying she has to go on a diet , so you think : well , if she had to go on a diet , what must I be like ?
21 What would I be looking at it with ?
22 Old Mother Jacobsen would chuckle over this : ‘ How much wiser must I be than Odin , I who have neither eye ! ’
23 ‘ May I be of assistance ? ’
24 So would I be if they were ordering an early confrontation with M Delors .
25 How may I be of assistance ? ’ — wo n't let you get away with : ‘ Er , egg and bacon and toast and coffee please , miss . ’
26 ‘ What would I be needing money for with a likely lad like Tom here to support me ? ’
28 Would I be able to change back to the old registration plates ?
29 What grade of oil should I be using in the main and transfer boxes of my 1972 Range Rover ?
30 Is stripping and restoring the diffs a reasonable proposition given the number of special tools required , or would I be better off replacing them as a whole ?
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