Example sentences of "[pers pn] give " in BNC.

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1 That 's a cyclamen , two I 'd had me given that at our family party , we have a family party once a year
2 And there these twelve men and two boys , who , with nothing much but bare hands , the sailor man 's gift for improvisation , and their indomitable guts , had fought sea and fire for their ship and won , were cared for and each of them given his heart 's desire .
3 The test which best discriminated between the effects of left and right sided electro-convulsive therapy ( ECT ) after two treatments to each side was naming of objects after hearing a verbal description of them given by the examiner seven minutes after shock administration .
4 Thus , although the legal model may prevent directors from regarding third party interests as ends in their own right , it is arguable that it is consistent with the directors ' obligations to the shareholders for the company to sacrifice profits in order to protect them given these possible relationships with shareholder utility .
5 No but I do n't know I 've seen them given .
6 Then and only then was I given a real dose of chloroform ‘ for the afterbirth ’ I was told .
7 As far as I was concerned , men and boys constituted a separate species , with whom I had nothing in common , and the last thing I wanted to do ( had I given the matter any thought ) was to arouse their interest , which I feared might be predatory .
8 On only one occasion was I given an address , and had to be content with those of head offices .
9 But have I given him enough lines ?
10 Have I given offence ? ’
11 ‘ How many concerts have I given ?
12 ‘ Have n't I given sufficient indication that I 'll never marry her ? ’
13 At no time was I given any indication , by any BW personnel , that there were any reservations about the project .
14 Have I given yours , has yours got sugar in ?
15 Now , have I given either of you task schedules for this
16 Have I given you something to be going on with ?
17 Have I given you a clue ?
18 Could I give up , here ?
19 ‘ Can I give my Right Honourable Friend two big thank-yous ! ’ , he cried , in a tone suggesting that he would like to accompany them with two big kisses .
20 Can I give you a coffee ? ’
21 ‘ Could I — I mean — please can I give you a message for Harriet Shakespeare ? ’
22 ‘ Shall I give the necessary orders to OC F Company , sir ? ’
23 ‘ Can I give you a lift ? ’ said Alison to Ludens .
24 ‘ In my life , Oh why do I give valuable time to people who I 'd much rather kick in the eye ? ’
25 Delighted to see you , Mr and Mrs White — Dartmouth , I 'm sorry — not married yet , ha , ha , two weeks in paradise and you will be , we can arrange a beautiful and tasteful ceremony at sunset on the jetty just behind the oil tanks — this is the Captain 's lounge bar , this is the Captain himself — buy him a rum and he 'll tell you his life story in four different languages , two of them English — and this is the staircase — can I give you a hand with that bag ?
26 Should I give up the unequal struggle and wait until I reached the age of 16 ?
27 Can I give him a message ? ’
28 Should I give him a knee where it hurt ?
29 Shall I give notice ? ’
30 ‘ Will I give ye a jail crop , son ? ’ he usually said , and he would grin and wink at my Ma .
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