Example sentences of "[pers pn] know " in BNC.

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1 Remember , though , that badgering agents is quite useless ; if they want to come they will come , but telephoning them and overselling yourself can be just as useless as not letting them know that you 're alive and working .
2 But if the feeling persists then see your doctor or health visitor and let them know just what you 're feeling and for how long you 've felt it .
3 You must also let them know when the work is complete .
4 It may take them a little while , but it is important that you contact them to make a housing application and let them know of your needs .
5 She could remember though the time when she realised that she must , for love of them both , never let them know that she was aware of it .
6 You have got to keep the analysts and the institutions on your side and let them know what you 're proposing .
7 And now , one word from me and she 'll be round that police station , letting them know all about you … . ’
8 You 'll have to let them know you 've been called up . ’
9 ‘ I 'm encouraging people to diversity , so I 've got to let them know what the pitfalls are . ’
10 Let them know it 's going to have a fabulous programme and be full of people they know or others of a like mind .
11 If you contact them by means other than our Reader Service Card , please let them know that you read about them in CHEMISTRY IN BRITAIN .
12 You must take every opportunity to discuss the practical problems with your doctor and the social workers , occupational therapists and physiotherapists , to take advantage of their experience of dealing with similar situations , and to let them know if there are any particular difficulties you think you might be facing .
13 Before the start , just let them know you are there and do n't let anyone crowd you ; try and make as much space for yourself as you can .
14 Force the other party to try hard to get your attention and let them know or think that they could lose out to someone else .
15 Maybe to lift guilt from bowed shoulders ; to put light and hope where there was deep-seated despair ; or to so simply and yet so vitally make them know that like any other human being , they are entitled to ‘ choice ’ — and actually have it .
16 When he told them that the Government could have used more oil at the power stations this summer and so built up coal stocks for the winter against a possible strike , but had n't , they merely retorted , ‘ More fool you ’ and thanked him for letting them know how strong their position was .
17 She lets them know what she thinks .
18 Let her parents know about her movements when she goes out at night ; she will tell them where she is and with whom , and let them know what time she 'll be home .
19 One possible way of getting round the problem of the ‘ doorstep ’ explanation is to write a letter to people in the sample to let them know in advance of the survey and the coming call by an interviewer .
20 When the mother approaches the nest where the kittens are hiding , letting them know that there is nothing to fear by her approach .
21 Get an organ donor card , fill it in and show it to your relatives to let them know your wishes .
22 But if the feeling persists then see your doctor or health visitor and let them know just what you 're feeling and for how long you 've felt it .
23 If so , estimate how long this will take , call the candidates for interview that much earlier than you would otherwise have done , and let them know in the letter that they are to be given a tour first .
24 If you will want the reactions of these people to the candidate be sure to let them know that this will be expected .
25 ‘ How are you ? ’ — ‘ I 'm fine ’ , and talk about the weather are designed to make another individual feel comfortable , to let them know that we are positively disposed towards them when we can not think of anything more significant to say .
26 And for all his fans over here , I 'd like to let them know that he called DJ and me aside then and asked us if we 'd be interested in doing a European tour .
27 Patrol leader Captain David Hall said : ‘ We 're letting them know they can get food without instability . ’
28 Significantly , he added : ‘ If the answer is no , I 'll be letting them know by the end of this month . ’
29 Policy is for politicians , but if a tax proposal is administratively unworkable , then we should let them know sooner rather than later .
30 A sticker in the window will let them know it 's now worth it !
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