Example sentences of "[pers pn] be " in BNC.

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1 Well I 'm not gon na get her one of them am I ?
2 Thee are excellent facilities for children , with a kindergarten and a kid 's playground in the Kurpark .
3 Stone floor panels dating from 883–612BC , uncovered in the Assyrian royal palaces at Nimrud , Balawat and Nineveh , contain patterns that are generally accepted as carpet designs ; thee are also a number of reliefs and carvings showing men carrying what can only be tapestries or rugs .
4 Thee are two genera present in the North Atlantic abyssal : Asteroschema Orsted & Lütken , 1856 , which is densely covered with granules and has a small ill-defined disk , and Ophiocreas Lyman , 1879 , which is covered mainly by skin although the disk has a light covering of small granules and the disk is slightly larger and more distinct .
5 Thee are 9 arm spines proximally , 7–8 distally in large specimens , 6–8 on smaller ones .
6 Thee are 1–4 pointed apical papillae flanked on each side by 4–5 pointed oral papillae ; there are 2 , sometimes more larger tentacle scales associated with the second oral tentacle pore , distal to be oral papillae .
7 Yeah , it 's the erm , the one Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken .
8 Demolition work has been postponed indefinitely and tonight thee are new moves to give the building protected status .
9 There is the unity of the moment : different tactile and proprioceptive sensations amount to a coherent body image ; different visual sensations cohere to a visual field ; and sensations from different modalities converge to a general sensory field , an organized moment-by-moment presence of a world , so that the feeling in my hand as I hold a stone , the sight of the sea and the sound of the seagull behind me are all not merely present but co-present .
10 ‘ I 'm just pleased I had the idea and that anglers with a lot more skill than me are showing what can be done with it , ’ he said modestly .
11 ‘ This man and me are after slaughtering a few trees out there . ’
12 But the adverts that really annoy me are not so much the ones aimed at women but the ones aimed at men .
13 People like me are a menace to the AA men , calling them out on Sunday afternoon to rebuild engines that we idly began to dismantle on Sunday morning .
14 VOTERS like me are surely one of the reasons why the Conservative Party was returned to power .
15 ‘ You 're maddening me are n't you Aggie ?
16 the issues about my performance that I 'd like the team to discuss with me are
17 The beings who know how to sympathize with me are my foliage .
18 A couple of people who work for me are not too clever — and one feels that you have to repeat instructions , and they — even so they 're not undertaken .
19 ‘ The Cancer Man and all these fine people with me are cancer people , particularly Nancy .
20 Highlights for me are the duets with the Chick Corea on Liza , Someday my Prince will come and the Hancock ‘ standard ’ , Maiden Voyage ; the interplay and mutual understanding on show here is astounding .
21 Baldersdale is an empty place now and all that remains for me are memories , sweet memories .
22 Looking at the evidence leads many scientists to believe that God made the world , whereas other scientists look at the same evidence and believe that it all happened by chance and that the world , the solar system , you and me are all just the result of a lucky string of enormous flukes !
23 All my pleasures will be solitary , even when I happen to be in company ; I shall not be exhilarated simply because the people around me are enjoying themselves , nor depressed because they are in low spirits .
24 ‘ The only doctors who could help me are at Bart 's .
25 Emma Pengelly , eight , wrote : ‘ The only doctors who could help me are at Bart 's .
26 ‘ Then your feelings for me are as mine for you ? ’ he asked softly .
27 By then Keenan and me are pretty drunk ; and they keep stealing our bottle from the dressing room , so we 'd go across the street and get another jug .
28 By this time Keenan and me are really drunk and I said , ‘ Well , what are we waiting for ? ’ and we go over .
29 Ardneavie House is big — at least ten bedrooms — and Lucinda and Jane and me are on the top floor with the boat's-crew Wrens .
30 People who think like me are simply protesting against the Government 's action in a perfectly legitimate way — we think they 're wrong to attack Egypt and we want to stop them before any further damage is done .
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