Example sentences of "[pers pn] [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Pupitres were adapted from these structures , although it is still uncertain who first employed them commercially for remuage .
2 Four new projects will follow on from EDS , but under Esprit II intellectual property rules , each consortium member can now take the results of the project and use them commercially .
3 There is still space for genuinely national economic , political and cultural-ideological practices , but the global capitalist system increasingly marginalizes such practices , making them commercially irrelevant .
4 Up and down the country factory meetings debated the agreements and rejected them overwhelmingly .
5 So it is not surprising that each field-worker tries to select an unstudied people , or if that fails , a community whose present circumstances render them acutely interesting for ‘ theoretical reasons ’ .
6 He missed even the sight of them acutely .
7 He might also have said , as he had on countless occasions , that although he had constantly looked to the British for advice , he distrusted them acutely .
8 You thought me dead these few weeks …
9 I was so pleased , ’ she looked at me shyly or was it a little slyly , ‘ I could understand from knowing my Classics what the old peasants were saying .
10 Mr Hobbs looked at me shyly .
11 She smiled at me shyly , as if uncertain of her welcome .
12 I 'd heard so much about the blinking cruise being in October and not in September that I 'd considered it done and June , fool that she is , chose not to challenge me outright because her tactic is to suffer in silence until her suffering spills from her like lava , devastating everyone in its path .
13 I 'll make her tell me outright , he told himself as the maid rang the gong for dinner .
14 Are you condemning me outright ? ’ she snapped with some asperity .
15 Then everybody would be accepting them gladly ’ .
16 " She put them jolly far out , " said Stephanie , childishly .
17 When the majority of athletes begin to take vitamin supplements the most basic mistake they make is to take too many without considering which is going to help them most .
18 But in any case , the best proof of the pudding is in the eating — by which I mean that any one who has tried to help young poets over the years , whether in Britain or America , knows that Ford 's and the imagists ' precepts about diction are what most of them most need to learn — no novelty , after all , since they can learn the same lessons from the preface to Lyrical Ballads , if they choose to .
19 For all their bluster about foreign conspiracy , the foreigners who worry them most live not in the United States or Western Europe but in Hungary , Poland and the Soviet Union .
20 He realized the importance of kinship systems for the Indians and how for them most social relationships were seen in terms of who was the child of whom and who was married to whom .
21 Sometimes they break a bone without any known injury ; at other times fractures do n't happen when you might expect them most .
22 What impressed them most was that ActionAid works with the people themselves to decide how the money should be used to help the whole community .
23 Added to that is her instinctive feeling for people — what to do and say that will please them most .
24 Marie felt the conversation drifting away from what should concern them most .
25 America and Germany are countries which are particularly good at recruiting and keeping in regular contact with their supporters , which makes it far easier to galvanise them when you need them most in the run-up to an election .
26 They can be found on the shaft of the penis and on the glans , but their predilection for a damp and warm environment makes them most often seen under the foreskin .
27 I suddenly found that I was losing my powers at a time when I needed them most .
28 By imparting his enthusiasm to his pupils , impressing them most earnestly with the importance of their calling , he sent them out into the world with a store of self-respect which greatly contributed to uphold their position , and gave them an impetus to endeavour to raise its standard , which was often crowned with the most happy success ’ .
29 It was then that Fat Watt regarded them most sullenly as though their nearness was a threat .
30 Following in the footsteps of Nissan , Toyota , Mitsubishi and Subaru , Hiroshima-based makers Mazda are attempting to hit BMW and Mercedes where it hurts them most .
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