Example sentences of "[det] time " in BNC.

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1 And , remember , that Times 12 Roman and Times 12 Italic are two different fonts so it is easy to see that users quickly began to experience problems .
2 ‘ Think about what will happen to you when that times comes .
3 Right okay so it 's that times
4 Is that times ?
5 Up until very recently , it was for men only , but we did persuade the Charity Commission that times were changing and that if perchance there was a lady who was disabled , she would also be able to qualify .
6 When this is suggested , the invitation should always be along the lines of : ‘ I 'd love you to come out for a run in the car with me some time .
7 It was difficult to see him alone , but I did manage a few times .
8 The first few times , the pup gets his food for free to demonstrate to him that people are nice , but after a few treats he has to sit for his stranger and for his supper .
9 ( One of the few times we missed out was with a 200lb sturgeon caught in the North Sea .
10 The resulting explosion had the dead and stunned fish floating on the surface of the water , a procedure I had practised a few times in the Highlands , lobbing a grenade into a salmon pool , a dangerous procedure if caught by someone in authority .
11 He asked them a few times .
12 Towards the end of my career in retailing , when we were gigging as a band , I was late quite a few times .
13 The Alex Harvey Band came into the shop quite a few times that summer , Chris Glenn , the bass player , bought his gold lurex socks from us .
14 It had been splendidly undemanding ; because of his family , she did not see him more than a few times a month , always meetings snatched at short notice and with absolutely no expectation from him that she would be available .
15 Moran rattled the newspaper a few times but by the time he could look around the three children were locked back into their school books .
16 One day Tony gets up to watch and witnesses one of the few times when the sun travels across a blue , cloudless sky .
17 I thought after a few times she 'll stop and she 'll accept it .
18 So after it happened a few times our teacher said ‘ We wo n't have cooking like this any more . ’
19 By how few times he has lost his way ?
20 Obviously we believe we can make up the time on roads we have been over quite a few times . ’
21 ‘ He has slammed into my back on running plays a few times , and the only way I can describe what it feels like is to imagine standing on the street and getting hit by a car going 50 miles an hour .
22 They would definitely , at least , break even , and it did come to bear a few times .
23 ‘ We did go out together a few times , yes , Chief Inspector .
24 He was a very handy and determined batsman , good enough to score almost 2,000 Test runs at nearly 23 , even opening the batting a few times , and over 13,000 during his career , including 1,000 a season three times .
25 You had to pee a few times a day to survive .
26 He would stand in front of the bathroom mirror in his boxer shorts and expand his chest a few times , breathing deeply .
27 Gloria had taken Dot to the cinema a few times .
28 Her response — such a lighting up of her face — made me remember how few times it was likely she had been kissed in her whole life : not as a child , by the parents who had given her away ; not by her old foster parents ; not often , I guessed , even by Beatrice and her boys .
29 The big dog had snapped it from his fingers eagerly enough , but after rolling it around in her mouth a few times she spat it to the floor and pawed at it , growling and sniffing her distaste .
30 To prevent the ‘ feet ’ of wheelbarrows wearing away prematurely , reinforce them with a coathanger wire coiled tightly round a few times .
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