Example sentences of "[vb past] be " in BNC.

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1 But some of the film-makers we met are not so sure .
2 Some of the characters they met are portrayed by Minton in the book .
3 But Mr. de Lacy submits that both it and the previous cases which it applied are clearly distinguishable from the instant case because they all rested upon the critical circumstances that the lender or creditor in each case left it to the principal debtor to obtain , in such a way as he thought fit , the execution of the document .
4 Never before had the images of the great and respected been so irreverently and so widely circulated .
5 ‘ Er weddin' dress 'ad been run up for 'er by Mrs Stuart that 'ad only just give up 'er job workin' for a dressmaker in Shoreditch .
6 But that 's probably what 'e would 've acted like if it 'ad been 'im , y'know ? ’
7 Else says a shiver went up 'er spine , and she knew she 'ad been called . ’
8 But that 's probably what 'e would 've acted like if it 'ad been 'im , y'know ? ’
9 Many opinions I formerly entertained are now given up & probably many of my present opinions will share the same fate — I wish them to be closely and fully ( as I know they will fairly ) examined without any regard to the author & therefore I can not by my presence aid your cause .
10 The fields which Miss Lockwood owned are also left to you , Sara , with the provision that Mr. Preston must have the use of them for as long as he requires for his horses . "
11 The circumstances in which this litigation arose are described in the judgment delivered by Vinelott J. on 19 December 1989 as follows :
12 Tagalog concepts are directly relevant to the present discussion because the Buid with whom I lived are in daily contact with Tagalog speaking immigrants from neighbouring islands .
13 Right okay so you so I asked are you happy with the twenty four hour clock you say no and then you know it .
14 During his final years he extensively revised , rewrote and rearranged his poems , especially The Prelude , and although the changes he made are not always improvements , they add up to the formation of the definitive text of the poems , so that many lines and phrases which we think of as unmistakably Wordsworth date from these latter years .
15 Typically , the figurines which they made are 20 centimetres high and depict worshippers in attitudes of adoration , or reclining goats , or cattle .
16 The kinds of errors he made are illustrated by these responses :
17 President , I 'd like to er , offer thanks on behalf of my membership in the Process and Construction Section , on the false agreement , it was a very successful week and just to echo Keith 's words , those links that we made are working and we are in correspondence with the , our colleagues in and we 're picking that up in terms of recruitment .
18 He has also continued to write , producing one work of fiction , Haroun and the Sea of Stories , and a collection of essays and other pieces , Imaginary Homelands , which Michael Foot argued are fit to stand alongside some of the very best work in defence of the artist 's right to free expression .
19 Meanings he argued are created by differences .
20 I 'm going back to the opticians with the , the new glasses I got are still flipping worse than these !
21 And they got are the kids alive ?
22 In this chapter , I shall argue that Simmel 's assertion that his analysis is one of modernity rather than solely of capitalism should be taken seriously , and that the contradictions in modernity which he analysed are not resolvable through Marxist conceptions of a future society , but are dilemmas which have to be investigated as integral aspects of modern life .
23 Laura reckons , ’ she continued , a salacious gleam in her toffee-brown eyes , ‘ old Po-face-that 's what they all calls him cos he never smiles-had been having it off with that secretary for weeks .
24 The constancy effects Thouless demonstrated are built into our perceptual mechanism .
25 ‘ The figures we found are not significantly different to those anywhere else where people are looking for the problem . ’
26 They argue that support acted as an antecedent protective factor , but as their data was not longitudinal , the relationships they found are open to alternative explanations .
27 Yes , I mean there is some evidence to suggest that senior staff we found are very rarely completely away from the office .
28 Finally , Ebussu'ud Efendi also stipulated the number of students to whom each entitled office-holder in the learned profession might grant and though the numbers which he fixed are not reported , figures have been given above which comprise a partial list for the of 959 and 963 , while Ata'i gives another partial list for the of 973 , in which the kazaskers were each permitted to invest ten students as " the kadis of the three cities ' i.e. those of Istanbul , Edirne and Bursa ) five each , and " the other kadis of the throne " a term of uncertain application , but almost certainly comprising at least the other kadis mentioned in the decree of 963 ) three each : the figures for the kazaskers at least , and probably the others as well , applied down to Ata'i 's own day .
29 The companies I mentioned are important acquisitions . ’
30 ‘ If the sums he mentioned are to be believed , it puts a most terrible responsibility on my shoulders . ’
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