Example sentences of "[art] world " in BNC.

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1 The World Health Organisation projects 40 million infections by the year 2000 .
2 Cliff said , ‘ I am pleased to support ACET in the world they are doing .
3 ACET 's work with the churches in Africa and Romania has been recognised and supported by UNICEF , the World Health Organisation and by TEAR Fund .
4 By the year 2000 the World Health Organisation estimates that up to 40 million people will be infected with HIV .
5 Despite public perceptions , across the world 7 out of 10 infections are heterosexual .
6 We are seeking to provide urgent help to churches and Christian organisations in their prevention campaigns and care programmes , working closely with Tear Fund , the World Health Organisation , UNICEF and governments .
7 This will be the first UN mechanism with a clear mandate to examine cases of detained prisoners of conscience anywhere in the world .
8 Unique in the UK , and probably in the world , the MA is a one-year course beginning in October 1991 .
9 No matter where in the world human rights violations occur — from India to Iran , Chile to Czechoslovakia — Amnesty International is there to warn the world .
10 No matter where in the world human rights violations occur — from India to Iran , Chile to Czechoslovakia — Amnesty International is there to warn the world .
11 Sadly , one thing has not changed in 30 years : certain governments of the world still falsely imprison , torture and execute their citizens , regardless of internationally agreed standards that expressly forbid such abuses .
12 Around the world today , more than 100 countries still retain the death penalty , and two out of every three human beings live under governments that use torture and other cruel , inhuman and degrading treatment against them .
13 Amnesty sections all over the world include the Prisoner Letter Writing Campaign cases in the magazines and newssheets they publish in many other languages , from Faroe to Banlga .
14 And the prisoners themselves know that they are not alone , that the world has not forgotten them .
15 But there are still prisoners of conscience in Europe , and in every other region of the world .
16 Our task today is to increase the international pressure on behalf of the thousands of prisoners of conscience all over the world , to make tomorrow the day their freedom is restored .
17 Amnesty International is launching its 30th Anniversary appeal for 30 prisoner cases around the world in 1991 .
18 The immense task of gathering , analysing and confirming allegations of human rights violations from around the world falls to the Research Department at the International Secretariat , Amnesty 's headquarters in London .
19 Amnesty 's major Sri Lanka ( September-December 1990 ) succeeded , against considerable obstacles , in bringing the tragedy of Sri Lanka to the attention of the world , and helped generate some fresh signs of change .
20 If de Klerk can convince the world that South Africa has come far enough in improving its record on human rights , sanctions will be lifted and crucial foreign capital will start flowing into the country .
22 Peter Benenson , in his original article in the Observer in 1961 , envisaged a central ‘ library ’ , providing information on prisoners of conscience ‘ to any group , existing or new , in any part of the world , which decides to join in a special effort in favour of freedom of opinion or religion . ’
23 There was also concern that groups were growing faster in the UK than in the rest of the world .
24 It came as something of a shock in the late 1970s , when developments in the human rights situation around the world and the increase in groups worldwide and the increase in groups worldwide led to fewer prisoner cases being available for UK groups .
25 This did not mean , unfortunately , that human rights were being respected , but that regimes around the world were using new methods of repression such as ‘ disappearances ’ and extrajudicial executions .
26 Amnesty groups ' work responded to the challenge with new techniques such as networks focusing on abuses in specific areas of the world and campaigns on whole countries or themes .
27 I am afraid that by taking the extraordinary measure of stapling this report ‘ because some of the contents are so disturbing ’ , Amnesty has again given credence to the belief that recent torture in Kuwait has been more terrible than in any other part of the world , whereas the repugnant patterns of pain-infliction described are all too familiar from Iran , from Myanmar , Amin 's Uganda , a South America , South Africa etc .
28 Hers is the head upon which all ‘ ends of the world are come ’ , and the eyelids are a little weary .
29 All the thoughts and experience of the world had etched and moulded there , in that which they have of power to refine and make expressive the outward form , the animalism of Greece , the lust of Rome , the mysticism of the Middle Ages with its spiritual ambition and imaginative loves , the return of the Pagan world , the sins of the Borgias .
30 He wants to escape to the world of memory-residues , of disconnected images , for that is the world of fantasy , the world of fairy-tales and myths …
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