Example sentences of "[prep] [det] " in BNC.

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1 This cuts most crop for least work but leaves the windrow in a continuous ‘ rope ’ with heads and butts mixed .
2 Little-known , that is , until she received the Snavely Award for Least Useful Research for her development of schools where backward quarks might learn charm .
3 Just as the capitalist desires maximum output from labour for least cost , so does the labourer want maximum pay for the least effort .
4 In a true political democracy , such a declaration is of course perfectly allowable ; and none the less so for least that the general interest will not suffer from the exercise of the right ; and that the loss or diminution of any other opposed rights can be justified .
5 And she 'd got to say whoever er work for least money , got the job .
6 Perhaps the Publishers Publicity Circle should introduce a new category of award : most publicity for least accessible title .
7 Members working on behalf of a prisoner learn a lot about that country — its culture and political allegiance for example — knowledge that is no longer useful when the case is closed .
8 He felt a need to discover who he was , and to write directly about that , and about his books , to step out of the shadows .
9 You might also think about that other bastard son , Philip , in King John , a merry , pranking , politically astute fellow , with a wry , salty style .
10 What do you feel about that ?
11 Being technically aware of your body is very important and the more drama school does about that the better .
12 Something about that visit to the oculist in Salisbury with Marcus , he wrote .
13 But do n't you understand about that — that tout ? ’
14 You can think about that , all by yourself in your room .
15 ‘ Why did he talk to you about that anyway ? ’ demanded Ethel .
16 ‘ You were wrong about that foreign gentleman , ’ said Mr Eames to Thomas in the kitchen between courses .
17 Mrs Hill was right about that last point , anyway .
18 The manager there was quite happy to take people on social security so I would n't have any trouble about that .
19 ‘ Hey , do n't worry about that .
20 ( I thought she was joking about that , but actually she was n't . )
21 Anyway , there are others worse off than me , I 'm under no illusions about that . ’
22 It 's run by a private charity and they do n't normally accept referrals from outsiders but they did n't want to be too dogmatic about that . ’
23 Have I already told you about that one ?
24 ‘ No , do you have any ideas about that ?
25 None of us have ever forgotten about that , you know . ’
26 I 've been really glad about that .
27 The piece is essentially about that .
28 How did he feel about that ? ’
29 How did Susan feel about that ? she wondered .
30 You could write about that . ’
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