Example sentences of "[prep] [be] " in BNC.

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1 Any problems we try to think about are automatically transformed into their own organizational problems .
2 As BS knows everything relevant about the physical state of affairs , the things that he does not know about are not physical states of affairs .
3 As Afshan Begum explains in her thesis ‘ In many cases parents expect that the girl will , whenever they demand , give up everything ( e.g. a course in further education or training or a career ) and submit without question to a marriage they have arranged for her … these hidden cases which no one gets to hear about are the real tragedies . ’
4 But the quantities of lead and nitrates which the EC is making a fuss about are so small that they represent a negligible — perhaps even a non-existent — hazard to health .
5 The only things I think about are calorie-counting and weighing myself , and making sure that I do n't put on the weight I 've lost , and passing my O levels .
6 He says : ‘ What we 're talking about are refinements — fine-tuning .
7 Despite what Dr Goode and others have said , however , I think the law and ethics governing the situation you 've been hearing about are both understandable and quite sensitive to the needs of patients and doctors .
8 This is a point that has been commonly overlooked in the past , even by geologists , since there is a general tendency to assume that the only rocks worth bothering about are ‘ hard ’ rocks , which can be hit with a hammer !
9 All he cares about are women and booze .
10 Furthermore , the role of the police is crucial in determining whether offences that they do know about are proceeded against .
11 The things that he would particularly like to start worrying about are in Northern Ireland .
12 Could it be that the only people they really care about are the ones who can afford big cars and foreign holidays ?
13 The ice ages we know about are dated as follows :
14 What I am talking about are the contexts in which people have sexual relationships .
15 Subjects that they care about are fended off by the pupils with the familiar complaints that they are ‘ boring ’ or ‘ stupid ’ .
16 ‘ The experts I 'm talking about are the ex-members of various secret services and police forces .
17 What is clear from this , though , is that what we are talking about are conventions , and it is obvious that conventions derive their meaning from social contexts .
18 The area from here to Reeth is rich in the history of lead-mining and the moors about are riddled with shafts and workings .
19 What I was talking about are your inclinations and I would suggest that you know nothing about them at all . ’
20 As Nayacakalou ( 1961 , p. 125 ) has said , ‘ the people in a village can not be bothered with neat pigeonholes — what they are concerned about are the exigencies of their daily lives ’ .
21 It would be unwise to come to any firm conclusion , remembering that the majority of those we know about are amongst the sandhills which are constantly being eroded by the winds which expose them , that the eastern part of the island down to Kildalton is largely deer forest which is rarely visited except by stalkers , that there are probably many more cists to be discovered .
22 Thus the statement " The concept lion is not empty " obviously is not likely to convey the desired information unless it is already clear from the context , or is otherwise indicated , that what is being talked about are actual and not merely imagined or fantasized lions .
23 For what we are really talking about are merely linguistic symbols and the manner in which such symbols are manipulated within certain contexts , and all that can be detected here are certain similarities .
24 All we ever hear about are disasters and complaints and things that have gone wrong .
25 The other thing I 'm going to talk about are intervals .
26 Apart from himself , the only people he really cares about are his listeners ; the radio relationship is the only sort of genuine love-affair he 's ever known .
27 The only people he really feels any curiosity about are his listeners — ’
28 The main points to think — about are the positioning of the boiler and hot water cylinder , the sizes and running of pipes , the types to be used and the avoidance of airlocks .
29 The examples that Freud talks about are for example er , the Trojan War in early Greek history .
30 The prospects for management buy-outs are really very bleak , the reason for that is that the franchises which we 're hearing about are likely to be very short , the franchisee will own no assets , no land , no rolling stock , nothing with which to go to the bank as security for loan .
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