Example sentences of "[modal v] [be] " in BNC.

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1 For grass roots workers , the findings are important as may are worried about how to intervene in cases of physical abuse , the stress involved and the fact that it may be too complex .
2 JUST when you may been ready to despair , it seems that this country of ours may have found something of its heart , or perhaps its soul .
3 You may have been in they may been in the infants when
4 Well in the third one she does mention er , this explanation was served directly by mistake should been made .
5 So it should been in it !
6 No Dawn you should been here before .
7 Partnership with parents with learning difficulties must been openmindedness and innovation from professionals , backed up by flexible , sensitive , and changing support for parents and children so both can flourish .
8 And we the used to pick on a on some sort of a nice looking little boy or little girl to say the collection piece that was appealing and I ca n't remember what it was now but er probably about four verses of what they called a collection piece , just before they started to collect you see and erm I think I said that three or four years erm running almost , so I must been pretty well good at it .
9 They must been seen , their decisions must be seen to reflect the interest and wishes of members currently employed in the section , and as we have always believed industrial and negotiating policy is best made by members at work in the sector who feel the day to day pressures , know what is going on , motion one one one A seeks to ensure that this will happen .
10 nin , must been ninety , nineteen fifty I think , yes , we had eight years before our first
11 There must been about nineteen .
12 Parents who leave the kids with the babysitter and go out because they feel they should are among the biggest culprits .
13 Must are preparatory schools , but some keep children to A-level standard .
14 As a complete an utter novice I am seeking a publication that will explain to me in more or less layman 's terms how my computer works and what I should/could be doing with it !
15 And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thy hand , and shalt be for frontlets between thine eyes .
16 Be on the look-out when Pelagianism sets in : ‘ Thou shalt be justified by good works ’ , by doing the vicar 's mall , by the way you read the lessons , by the work you do towards the Christmas bazaar !
17 Then said he , I am Saint Lazarus , and know that I was the leper to whom thou didst so much good and so great honour for the love of God ; and because thou didst this for his sake hath God now granted thee a great gift ; for whensoever that breath which thou hast felt shall come upon thee whatever thing thou desires to do , and shalt then begin , that shalt thou accomplish to thy heart 's desire , whether it be in battle or aught else , so thy honour shall go on increasing from day to day ; and thou shalt be feared both by Moors and Christians , and thy enemies shall never prevail against thee , and thou shalt die an honourable death in thine own house , and in thy renown , for God hath blessed thee ; — therefore go thou on , and evermore persevere in doing good ; and with that he disappeared .
18 ‘ Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ ( His work ) and thou shalt be saved . ’
19 He watched the vicar 's face waiting for the thunderous ‘ thou shalt be cast into the eternal fires ’ glare but he only smiled and shook her hand .
20 When thou wast young , thou girdedst thyself and walkedst whither thou wouldst ; but when thou shalt be old , thou shalt stretch forth thy hands and another shall gird thee and carry thee whither thou wouldst not .
21 They say , in effect , ‘ If thou wishest to feel good about thyself , thou shalt be X and Y and Z. And conversely when thou findest thyself being not-X or not-Y or not-Z , thou shalt pay for thy transgression with a loss of self-esteem . ’
22 Seek the Lord while he may be found , call upon him while he is near , let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man is thoughts and let them return to the Lord , for what 's gon na happen , for he will of compassion on him and to our God for he will abundantly pardon those words were very quoted from Acts , chapter sixteen , when that Philippine jailer said Lord what must I do , sir what must I do to be saved and there Paul timac believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved this is God 's way by repentance in faith that 's presented in Jesus , he is the only saviour , not your works , not my works , not our good deeds , not our religious observances , he is the only saviour , did he not say himself I am the way the truth and the life , nobody comes to the father but by me .
23 Programmes for the four London areas will take place as follows ; — South West Thames — 9th September North West Thames — 25th September North East Thames — 2nd October South East Thames — Date to be fixed during September/early October All enquiries should be directed to Chris Catlin on 081 840 7879 .
24 At the time you enter a Deed of Covenant , the covenant should be capable of lasting for more than 3 years , and there should be the intention by you that it does so .
25 At the time you enter a Deed of Covenant , the covenant should be capable of lasting for more than 3 years , and there should be the intention by you that it does so .
26 Thus , the first payment should be on or after the date on which the Deed of Covenant is signed .
27 The church should be able to respond to these urgent needs more effectively than any other group and provide clear leadership .
28 All contributions should be framed or mounted on board and deposited with Jill Morgan at the Rochdale Art Gallery from Saturday 12 October 1991 .
29 Parcels should be addressed to .
30 Similarly , the idea that a human rights concert should be held in the very stadium in Santiago where Allende 's officers rounded up thousands of Chileans in 1973 , prior to committing gross violations , stretches the powers of credulity .
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