Example sentences of "[modal v] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The treatment prescribed in may cases is either vitamin B6 or the contraceptive pill ( only around 20% of respondents found either to be helpful ) .
2 Finally , may reactions to the paper come thick and fast from all quarters !
3 Let's harp back to what you were saying earlier about information storage on a very large scale .
4 The guidance states how far staff may go. : ‘ The physical restraint is the positive application of force with the intention of overpowering the child . ’
5 By preventing ovulation it may ben suppress menstruation — a useful advantage , once the user has realized that it is not a sign of disastrous contraceptive failure .
6 Sections of the left may currenty be enthused with the European Parliament and Social Charter , but out there , where it counts , in Europe 's cities and countryside , dinosaurs who should have become extinct in the 1930s are making the running .
7 We may instance transport , where there is a complex relationship between a central government department , local authorities and British Rail .
8 In other words , speculative behaviour works both ways : workers may engage in it , but so too may employers .
9 Van Zyl should step down , as may Snell .
10 Marketers of personal pensions do appear to have discouraged exits from good occupational schemes and indicated that a return to SERPS may advantage employees as they get older .
11 I may plea with her to spend more time with me , but finally she chooses .
12 Can I , yeah , can I go on to the application if I may Chairman ?
13 If I may chairman .
14 If I may Chairman on the third set of questions erm those are
15 The most troublesome cases are provided where the problem is identified by pluralists as one of incomplete integration into the central value-system resulting in a state of backwardness in the outlying regions which may t e permanent .
16 At its discretion the Tribunal may abridge or extend time limits specified in this paragraph as it may deem necessary .
17 Why else may money prices give a poor indication of the value of goods and services ?
18 World League may touchdown in Glasgow
19 Mannerism is usually seen as an RCA development ; but once again we find that it was already developing during the Sun period , notably in ‘ Baby Let's Play House ’ ( 1955 ) .
20 ‘ Okay , let's git dis lot outa here fast , before da roof goes . ’
21 This is not to say that a series like Follow Me can not be used in the classroom , but it is organised in a different way from materials like Let's Watch or Video English which were made specifically for classroom use .
22 Let's Watch also has some exercises which encourage the viewer to interact with what is happening on the screen .
23 On the other hand a diary entry such as ‘ ring X ’ is effective and if the entry is some way in the future it may be necessary to amplify with a trigger of the form ‘ ring X re Y ’ and to have easily accessible some factual data such as the X telephone number and some data re Y. In a different context a car driver will develop a strategy to ensure that he does not run out of petrol , he may rely on a light which appears when the tank is nearly empty or he may calculate from his expected travelling that he need not concern himself about the issue until at least the next weekend , or he may programme himself to react to the fact that he is approaching a particular garage .
24 We suggest that maternal undernutrition , by constraining fetal growth , may programme cardiovascular disease .
25 A large Emmenthal wheel may weight up to 80kg/200lb .
26 Weight limits are normally 2 kg although packages containing certain books of tapes may weight up to 5 kg .
27 What other kinds of messages may undergraduate curricula covertly or unconsciously transmit ?
28 let's crap on her lenses . ’
29 A mother otter will bring a half-dead fish and give it to her young to play with in a pool so that they may practice the dives and swoops that are needed to be a successful underwater hunter .
30 Many large firms will have official anti-discrimination policies , although the personnel management at local level may practice discrimination , perhaps avoiding hiring black workers or laying them off first in time of recession .
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