Example sentences of "[modal v] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Other Nikiyas — Durante or Guillem — may for instance assume a charming Oriental fluidity in their arms , but only Asylnuratova 's urgency and amplitude of gesture can convey the destructive extremes of Nikiya 's nature .
2 It may for a moment seem to quench but it dehydrates , as purportedly healthy abstainers are forever telling me .
3 All the evidence to date — and there is a considerable body of it by now — shows that physical methods of punishment ( the deliberate infliction of pain on the child ) may for the time being suppress the behaviour that it is meant to inhibit but will not form character .
4 In less serious cases the operator may for a while maintain certain parameters at appropriate levels without diverting his attention to detailed diagnosis , this is called function control .
5 Thus , even though they may for professional purposes , guarantee their subjects ' anonymity in return for access , they nevertheless stress that behind the ‘ sources in Whitehall ’ or ‘ the people of Hicktown ’ there are indeed real people ; thus establishing both their veracity and their morality .
6 Moreover , in contrast to the neo-classical school , Marxists have often emphasized that before any countervailing tendencies set in , the processes of growth in one region and decline elsewhere may for long periods become self-reinforcing .
7 or such greater percentage ( which may be 100 per cent. ) as may for the time being be prescribed .
8 I can not accept the argument that the words ‘ the interests of the State ’ in this context mean the interests of the amorphous populace , without regard to the guiding policies of those in authority , and that proof of possible ultimate benefit to the populace may for the purposes of the Act justify an act of spying or sabotage .
9 They may for some reason go to a Mother and Baby Home for a short period before and after they have the baby , or even go to live with foster parents .
10 Local authorities as employers may for example , wish to consider attracting workers from other European countries .
11 On the other hand , there are some sufferers from addictive disease — Particularly cocaine users — who may for quite some time be highly respectable and law-abiding and thereby wrongly assume that they are not addicted .
12 Cross-addictions may be hotly denied because the subject matter may for some be too close for comfort .
13 This may involve the following behavioural changes : * the wife may return to full-time work to increase the family 's total income ; * expenditure on other items , such as cars or holidays , may for the time be reduced ; the couple may place an increased value on the enhanced personal prestige attached to the ownership of the larger property , and will be prepared to accept the financial consequences of enjoying this enhanced prestige .
14 He also got on well with the justices of the Jews and may for a brief period have enjoyed some sort of official position in the Exchequer of the Jews .
15 If the answer to that question can not be verbalised succinctly then the meeting must have served some purpose other than the interchange of information fields ( it may for example have had a social value or a " credit " assessment value ) .
16 I think this branch is chiefly occupied by unhappy Parish children , and may for ought I know , be the greatest nursery for Tyburn of any trade in England .
17 Claims to suzerainty over the Scots , Irish and Welsh are thus far from unlikely , and may for a time have enjoyed a foundation in reality .
18 The counterparty to this forward contract , let us say it is a bank , may for its part be willing to transact because it has a wider , more diversified portfolio than the hedger , within which it can to some extent offset the risky prospect .
19 Nationalistic sentiment may for a while distort commercial viability .
20 There may for some reason be a substantial delay between the date of the agreement and the grant of the lease during which time the tenant may wish to assign its interest in it .
21 He may for instance need to intervene at the modification stage of the structure plan , or it could be that he will have to deal with appeals against non-determination of applications made by prospective developers .
22 Now it may for the game that if he can cover the square number twelve , he will score more points than if he covers the square with the nine .
23 But but let's for the sake
24 let's for the sake of the discussion assume it 's about three hundred a year , then you 're looking at another three thousand nine hundred during the remainder of the plan period .
25 Well let's for a moment assume that he has no such intention , that no such idea has ever crossed his mind .
26 I 'd like to take up a couple of points if I may about getting some erm we were talking before mentioned children coming in on a regular basis er it 's called living .
27 Just one final point if I may about er er about about migration .
28 They may as a result lack the confidence to raise a concern about child sexual abuse despite government advice following the inquiry that the possibility should be considered in the differential diagnosis of many physical conditions .
29 The net result may be neutral as Mr Lamont claims , but it does not look that way to the casual viewer who may as a result end the day in a gloomier mood than he began .
30 When some material is copied from one Guide hyperdocument to another , Guide checks for any instances of contexts within the material , and may as a result augment the context-table of the receiving hyperdocument .
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